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Hey, welcome to the USA Best Bet site! I am glad you found us. Also, Did you know our Free Sport Picks have helped over 250,000+ members win more of their sports bets online every week? And a lot of these US bettors are probably just like you. They want to enjoy their favorite sport more, learn about how to wager on sports? and win. Looking for the best online sports betting site, lines, odds with professional free expert pick predictions. So they can WIN more Sports Bets when wagering online in the USA! Sounds good right.

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We do post expert match analysis, previews, opinions and free pick predictions for almost every major US Sport including; NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAAB, NCAAF and also soccer games for the season, HOWEVER, only the experts most confident pick selections find their way here to the Best Bets today page.

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How USA Best Bet & Free Sports Betting Picks by Experts Help you WIN More $.

Firstly, our team of expert pick analysts, deep dive into all of the game data. Secondly, comparing the lines, odds, research materials, insider info, and then cross-check this with our proprietary AI systems. Indeed, this proven modelling determines the final Free Expert Sports Picks with our Best Bets for USA Today.

In conclusion, this expert pick wagering system is a proven method over many years and is the reason we have over 250,000 + bettors in the USA’s fastest-growing sports wagering community.

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Who is

Known as USA Best Bet FREE Pick Expertsmanagers of a global sports media network of gaming communities. Covering, Daily Sports news reports to over 250,000 + members with Free Sports Picks by industry experts.

With an expert team who is highly experienced sports analysts, committed, proven and determined to also provide you with the best online sports wagering results.

Analysts consequently spend hours upon hours researching US sports. Combing through all odds and data, doing time-consuming hard yard research – so you don’t have to!

Comparison of both, human knowledge, experience and skills with AI computer power to improve winning pick models. Resulting, in the best and most successful sports picks in USA for today.


What are the USA Sports Experts Best Picks for Today?

Best Bet in USA Sports Today

What is your Best Bets? This is our premium quality bets, rated to be the very best by our professional analyst team. Simply, it is our best sports bets of the day. The ones our experts rate 5 out of 5 stars and give the highest chance of wagering success today.

Identification of expert predictions can also help you to WIN when wagering on sport in the USA.

The best part they are also FREE, just like all our expert picks.

Additionally, check out the Best Bet page, today’s blog and the major sports pages NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAAF, NCAAB, UFC for expert picks, parlays and winning wagers?

Free Picks and Parlay

Love to Parlay in Betting? As do our expert analysts. And they are specialists in Picking Parlays in betting.

Similarly, it is also one of our favorite free picks for wagering on sport in the USA.

Therefore determined and proven record to also deliver you more WINNING free expert picks and parlays.

For instance, if you love to Parlay in betting and winning, even more, then these selections are perfect for you.

Spread Picks (ATS)

What About Against the Spread? Indeed, who doesn’t love the opportunity for expert picks that give bigger ATS payouts!

Our Experts analysts goes beyond just the spread and lines, to first discover where sportsbooks may have got it wrong!

However, also watch out for ATS alerts. as just like the rest of the site, ATS picks are 100% FREE, with No Credit Card Required.

Next, want to find out why 250,000 + Members WIN More Sports Picks For Free!

Best Online Sports Betting Picks in the USA


Looking for the Best in USA Today?

Congratulations!!! The experts are known as the best sports pick experts in the USA today.

For instance, the daily standout picks are researched by experts using our proprietary AI computer system and proven wagering models.

Similarly, if you want to wager success in this business? You need to identify a winning wagering strategy, it is like developing a game plan! And this system takes time to develop, effort to research and a team of best bet experts to help you perfect it. And we have this for you!

We also have assembled partnerships with the best most trusted and safe sportsbooks to ensure you a safe, trusted bookie, best odds, variety of lines, great bonuses and offers to power your sports wagering online.

In conclusion, USA Best Bet is your team – will save your time, and money achieving more success when betting on sports.

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What Makes the Best Free Sports Picks? For me, that is easy… one that WINS!!!

In order to find the WINNERS! Firstly, our experts consider and compare all game data going ‘behind the game and beyond the spread’. Looking at more than just the trends, injury report, history and form. We also check, the public wagering, consensus sports picks, computer predictions, media analyst selections and line movements.

If we spot an irregular money movement, no movement when there should be and where the wrong team is favorite? At the same time throwing up potential expert free sports picks and best bet of the day opportunities. However, other factors can also affect our alerts. Like Covid 19, the last game of a long road trip, travel, conditions, injuries or “bubble” and even off field issues. International duties and late arrivals with playing early games also contribute. With too many variables to list, this insight demonstrates just some of the many selection factors our experts consider.

As a result of our expert sports wagering learning and AI power, fast tracks your own earning success!

Consequently, you can now gamble with confidence knowing our expert’s best picks are backed by years and years of insider learning experience. Secondly, a proven computer pick model supports the selections and concludes with the combination of these skills developed from years of WINNING – and LOSING.

However, we don’t want you to miss out on the “Best Bet Alerts” ? Also, that can damage your wagering success and your pocket!

Why Get Free Expert Picks? Simple!

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For instance, to WIN when gambling on sport over an extended period of time, you will need to dedicate hours upon hours of research and even then you can not compete with the Sportsbooks, a team of experts or even a proven AI computer model. Also being one of the best reasons to use our Service is simply to save yourself some time, money and to get more WIN$$$.

What could be better than that? Dedicated and Free Expert Picks that are proven to select, more WINNERS than our competitors!

Additionally, our team, love the game, analyze the trends, go behind the scenes. Comparing the spread, ATS, and every facet of the game that can affect the match outcome concurrently. For instance, the injuries to Covid 19, weather, travel and countless other data and metrics. As a result every week, many hours are spent to give you the best wagers for today.

Indeed another reason that our Best Bets & FREE Sports Picks are so valuable – is that they are 100% FREE today!


However, you may also see countless competitors online (and offline) so-called experts selling you a month of wagering picks and then offering you an extra free month if their plays fail to make you a profit OR even worse sportsbooks offering free picks, how hypocritical is that!

When you lose, they WIN!!! as a result of the picks, they gave you aghhhh No words!

And who would want bad picks that you paid for and then lost, for another month, potentially losing you more money. If you are tired of losing money and paying these losers for “expert” picks then bookmark And begin to enjoy our daily free picks and when you are ready subscribe today. Remember it is 100% FREE! But also please Note: not all our best bets and expert picks are published on this site. In fact, many of our best are not.

As, Sports and Predictions move too fast with so many things affecting success, so INSTANT ALERTS with the latest pick recommendations are your best way to succeed in the world of online sports betting.

Do we Have Best Bets &

Free Sports Picks Today? Yes.

Additionally, our expert analysts specialise in all the big US Sports. Resulting in the Free Best Sports Betting Pick alerts for today in the USA;

What Expert Sports Picks do we offer?

  • Expert NFL Picks – weekly free picks, parlays, against the spread and also over-under totals for all regular season and playoff games. Then, concluding with our Super Bowl Picks.
  • Expert NBA Picks – daily free picks ATS, Parlay betting and also over-under totals for all regular season and playoff games.  In conclusion with our, NBA Championship picks for the seven-game series.
  • Expert MLB Picks – Also, have daily ATS, money line and totals free pick for all regular-season games. MLB picks and parlays also continue through the playoffs. Afterwards, expert World Series picks.
  • Expert NHL Picks – daily money line and over under totals free picks from wagering experts which also includes playoff predictions. Then the NHL season concludes with Stanley Cup picks.
  • Experts College Football Picks – daily free picks and parlays, ATS and totals for the season and also all the bowl games.
  • Experts College Basketball Picks – daily free picks, parlays, against the spread picks also for all regular games including March Madness.

Can I get Parlay Picks for FREE?

Also, selecting the winning picks and parlay for today that we are renowned for. For instance, these same expert analysts comb through all the player, team and game data. Also, the 100% FREE selections are only made after an in-depth analysis of, odds, lines, consensus and confirmed with computer pick outcomes to identify our Best Free Picks and Parlay bets.

Furthermore, delivering only the very Best of the experts Parlay Picks for today!

What About ATS Picks?

Yes! We have both ATS and Spread Picks.

Indeed, the USABestbet experts cover both the spread and many of the selections are ATS / Against the Spread picks. Also, check out the ATS picks for today on the Against the Spread picks page and these are also frequently featured in our member alerts.

For instance, you will receive many other free picks types including money lines and markets, total, margins, parlay in betting and in-play props. However, whatever the passion of your favorite sport, we have the line, spread and ATS covered. Find out more.

Why is this the Best USA Sports Betting Site Online? Good question!

Probably because has a fast-growing community to match its reputation for the best online sports media network and gambling site online. However, it could also be because our record of success proves we are one of the leading gambling site providers. And / OR due to the quality of our independent Expert Picks, and Parlay in betting Picks, ATS / Against the Spread predictions, and of course our Best FREE Sports Picks daily. For the best wagering success in the USA today. OR simply because we pick more WINNING BEST BET$.

Additionally, our online sports wagering results and consistent positive outcomes on a daily basis proves why we are the best of any site that is 100% FREE, with No Credit Card Required.

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Congrats! Once you have completed the easy registration process, you are entitled to get special privileges! In addition, remember that all FREE selections are hand-selected by our USA expert pick team. For instance, years of knowledge experience and expertise goes into every prediction. Above all saving you valuable time and gives you the best chance to WIN more for FREE.

Firstly, FREE sports picks daily, or weekly depending on your favorite US sports picks or all sports. For instance, I always recommend daily, as you do not want to miss the best Expert Best Bets of today. Also, these are standout pick opportunities, the ones the markets or public may have mispriced. And secondly includes our Parlays, ATS picks for increased wagering returns.

After that, sit back relax and enjoy the game – with NO more research required by you. After that, get ready to WIN more, as the experts have done all the hard work for you. Except for winning money that is yours, all yours!

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How To Wager Online: Ask Our Betting Experts

Additionally, you have questions and the experts have the wagering answers & free picks lol.

That is specifically aimed to help you bet better on the sport. Consequently, you get more winning picks for your best wagering outcomes today.

How to bet online for sport in the USA?

Yes, check out the blog guide from the our experts.

Are sports gambling online legal in the USA?

New Jersey sports betting – Is the East Coast hub of sports wagering in the United States is undoubtedly New Jersey, there are 10 land-based sportsbooks and 16 sites for mobile and online gambling in NJ. Sports legal stats are moving at a fast pace, so check our site for updates. You can also ask us on messenger for the latest advice on gambling in your state.

Indiana sports betting – went live in September 2019 at retail sportsbooks and the mobile wagering market went online statewide in the Hoosier state in October 2019.

Colorado sports betting – The state went live on May 1, 2020. The legal sports betting bill allows 33 of its 40 casinos to partner with legal online sportsbook operators.

Pennyslvannia sports betting – was the 4th state to legalize and regulate online wagering. Online sports wagering, casinos and PokerStars also kicked off legal online poker.

West Virginia Sports Betting – Online wagers became legal in Dec 2018 and one of the first states to legalise both online, mobile and retail sports betting following the PAPSA decision.

Iowa sport betting – live in Aug 2019, online sports bettors must visit a retail sportsbook location register in-person to validate their accounts before wagering over the internet. This has caused a slower uptake that “fully” mobile and online sports betting in other US states.

Michigan Sports Betting – is now legal !!!! Retail gambling started in March when the first in-person wagers and later online sports betting was legal on Jan 11, 2021.

Tennessee Sport Betting – Commenced in November and is enjoyed online sports betting and mobile betting through the states many legal betting site apps.

Virgina Sports betting – Has just started and you can place a legal sports wagers in Virginia as of January 2021. Mobile, Online and Retail sports gambling is permitted. is working with the best US sportsbook and industry partners in all the legal wagering states. The industry moves fast, but at time of we have become a licensed betting affiliate in Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, NJ, Indiana, and have applied for PA, Tennesee, Virginia for affiliate wagering licenses with many other states pending, as the legal sports gambling is rolled out across America.

US Citizens can also wager outside USA, however to do this you should only use safe, trusted sites. We also offer some of the best sportsbook and casinos through our Sports Media Network. Ask us about it on Messenger to see what suits your location, gambling options and needs.

You may also be interested in our Best Sportsbooks Online and Free Bet Offers

Is it legal to place sports wagers on my phone?

Yes, mobile and online sports betting is legal in many states. However you need to ask our experts on Messenger for the latest, as this is constantly being updated. It is a fluid event status, with some legal wagering states adding it and others taking it away! So ask us on Messenger about your location. We also offer proven, safe and trusted international licensed sportsbooks and casinos through our sports media network.

Where to bet sports online in Colorado?

We have partner deals with the 3 best sportsbook betting sites in Colorado. These top sites all passed a rigourus quality and trust test by the experts. Ask our Best Bet experts on Messenger for the best bookie free bet bonus offer.

How do I bet sports online in NJ?

Great news, you can can bet online and on mobile in NJ. Our experts have partner deals with the 5 of the best sportsbook betting sites in New Jersey. These top sites all passed our quality and trust test and were seen as superior betting sites by the betting experts. Ask our Best Bet experts on Messenger for the best bookie free bet bonus offer for NJ now.

Are sports wagering online legal in NY?

PA sports wagering online?

PA is one of the most popular states for sports betting in the entire USA. We have great sportsbook site partner offers and free bets. Message now for the best bet for today offers.

Are Michigan sports betting online legal?

Michigan has legal sports betting for both online and mobile. If you want to bet online/mobile then ask our experts for the best sportsbook betting site. We have tried and tested all available sportsbooks in Michigan and only partner the best. The experts also secured the best free bookie bet offer – with up to $20210 in bonuses. Get Yours in Messenger

Iowa where to place wagers online?

Iowa, also has legal sports betting for both online and mobile. Although a smaller market, it is very active and competitive, so if you want to bet online then ask our wagering experts. They have partnered all the best sportsbook betting sites in Iowa. Having, tried and tested all available sportsbooks in Iowa and chosen to only partner the best. The experts also secured the best free bookie bet offer – with up to $20210 in bonuses. Get Yours in Messenger

Legal bet on sports in America?

Yes is the short answer. You need to check our the USA Best Bet site regularly for updates, as sports betting legalization is moving fast across America. Open Messenger to enquire now.

Mobile Sports Betting – is it legal and where?

Mobile Sports Betting is legal in 10 US states at time of writing, however the rules and regulations are constantly being updated and are subject to change. It is best to message us to find out if there is sports betting in your state and also can set you up with the best sportsbook to meet your needs.

How to get FREE Picks on my phone for betting?

If you open messenger now, we can get you set up. It is FREE get our sports picks on all major sports. Some of these picks are published on the Expert free pick page, however the “best bets” which are also free betting picks – these are member only services. Delivered daily to your inbox.

Sign up now, get a great welcome bonus upto $2010 with partner bookies. Subject to state legalities.

More Q&A Our Customers Ask The Professionals

Do you offer the best FREE sports picks?

Our community certainly thinks so. In just two years, we have grown to over 250k strong gambling community. And growing at rapid rate. This is due to our achieving success with our Free Expert Sport Picks and Predictions. Put simply, our experts win more wagers! Want to know more, message us now.

How do I get 100% FREE picks with no credit card?

Great News! USA Best Bet is a FREE member service, that does not require a credit card. So open messenger and lets get started on winning together.

Can your FREE picks help me to WIN more sports bets?

Absolutely, our experts have decades of experience and a proven formulat to pick winners. Usually at good odds, as we look for the best wagers for today and deliver these to our members. 100% FREE no credit care required.

Are there free picks and parlays for today?

Yes, we have Free Expert Sports Picks Daily: Professional predictions for ATS, Money Line and Over / Under and parlays selections are available either on today’s blog or directly to members via messenger.

Free Picks and Parlays for MLB, NHL, NBA, NCAAF, NCAAB and other sports bet events in USA today. You can sign up for 100% FREE now. Get a great bonus too!

Where can I get daily sports picks for FREE?

Right here at site. Head to the Free Expert Sport Picks page and you will get just that FREE sports pick today and every day. USA Sports Picks free include;

MLB Expert Picks

NBA Expert Picks

NHL Expert Picks

NFL Expert Picks

Is your Best Bet Predictions FREE?

Yes, but only to members whilst spots are available; 100% FREE – NO CREDIT CARD EVER – Open Messenger now to sign up.

What is the difference between expert picks and handicapper or capper picks?

Not much, it is mostly terminology, however anyone that predicts sports or produces sports picks could call themselves a capper or even handicapper.

This would include amateurs, enthusiasts, fans and even uncle Bob and barstool Fred down at the local. Experts Picks, Expert Analysts and Expert Handicappers are just that. Professional experts, experienced in wagering lines, odds, handicapping, and of course sports picks.

USA Best Bet site amd all sports picks, best bets and predictions is by our Experts.

Do you offer the daily best picks free on today’s game?

Absolutely, you can check our FREE Picks Today. Featured on either the home page or USA Best Bet Blog. Daily blog of Best Bet & Free Picks and Parlay.

You can also become a 100% FREE Member and get free sports picks daily. And the Experts member-only Best Bet Alerts and Bookie Best FREE Bet completes the USA Best FREE Bet package.

How To Bet FAQs by USA experts

How to Bet on Sports online USA?

A daily Blog for the Best Online Betting Success in the USA today.

Where can I bet on US sports for free?

Our site, has both FREE Picks, Best Bets and also Bookie bonus offers. All Expert hese Picks are all 100% FREE to members today and daily. Check with our betting assistants on Messenger to see if you qualify for FREE Membership today.

Ask us how to win sports wagering?

Are you looking to win more sports bets today? Then you have come to the right sports betting site. We have best bets, free picks and best bookie free bet offers to power your USA betting success. Sign up for FREE. Yes, Membership to USA Best Bet and all these Pick and Bet benefits are indeed 100% FREE!

USA Betting on sports is explained

Great article for beginners on the Best Bet Blog. Check out now.

Get Apps to bet on sports?

Yes, many sports books betting sites have apps. To check if they are in your state and betting is legal in your state. Open messenger and ask the experts who will hook you up with the best sports betting apps. Based on your geo location and wagering needs.

Can you explain how US sports wagering works?

Yes, the USA Best Bet team of experts can assist you. Betting on Sports is now very much part of the game, enhancing the passion of the fans. Even the media now show the plays, with odds and possible bet predictions.

We can explain more about how sports betting works here. and how you can win bets on sport more! To maximize the opportunity with daily free sports picks and sportsbook free bet bonuses.

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Or you simply want to know more about how to bet USA sports online. The latest wagering news, want best free picks and parlays?

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