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Best Bet MLB 04-17-2023: Picks and Parlay Expert

Monday Best MLB Bet for today with FREE MLB Picks Predictions

The USA Best Bet experts in Baseball bring you another great edition of MLB Best Bet. On Saturday, there were some interesting events in Major League Baseball, including the Blue Jays beating the Rays for the second time in a row after their 13-0 start. The Dodgers won against the Cubs in a walk-off in Los Angeles, while the Reds defeated the Phillies 13-0 and the Yankees got back on track with a victory over the Twins. For Monday, 04-17-2023, the USA Best Bet experts provide a busy day of MLB baseball betting picks, including a best bet for the day and a free picks and parlay. Check out their Best Bet MLB 04-17-2023 picks and parlay for all of the day’s action.

USA Best Bet FREE Picks and Parlay by MLB Betting Experts for today

MLB 04-17-2023: Expert Free Picks and Parlay Today

Here are the individual MLB Best Bets Picks and Parlays for Monday, 04-17-2023:. Don’t forget to grab our MLB best bet picks and parlay for all of tonight’s action.

First Best Bet MLB Pick for Free Today is Chicago White Sox Money Line (-135) over Baltimore Orioles commencing at 2:10 pm ET. Followed by our free MLB Baseball picks and parlay play.

#1 Free MLB Parlay Picks Today: TEX Rangers vs KC Royals · MLB ATS Run Line TEX Rangers -2.5 

  • #2 Free MLB Parlay Picks Today: SF Giants vs MIA Marlins · Game Totals Under 7.5 
  • #3 Free MLB Parlay Picks Today: LA Angels vs BOS Red Sox · Game Totals Under 8.5

Best Bet MLB 04-17-2023

MLB Best Bet Today 04-17-2023: Chicago White Sox Money Line (-135) over Baltimore Orioles
2:10 pm ET

Chicago White Sox takes on the Baltimore Orioles, at 2:10 pm ET. Dylan Cease is one of the most underrated superstars in the game, showing consistency and raising the bar for himself year after year. This season, Cease has a 1.65 ERA paired with a career-high 34.8% strikeout rate. He has allowed three hits or less in all three starts this season due to opponents hitting just .102 against him. Sunday’s start will be in Chicago, which has been a huge advantage for Cease in his career, limiting opponents to just a .185 batting average with a .262 on-base percentage in 18 starts at home last year.

Best Bet MLB Pick 04-17-2023: One of those starts was against the Orioles, allowing one run on four hits with a whopping 13 strikeouts in seven innings.

#1 MLB Picks and Parlay: TEX Rangers vs KC Royals · MLB ATS Run Line TEX Rangers -2.5 

Our Expert MLB ATS Pick Analysis: To start our MLB parlay today, we’re backing the Texas Rangers vs Kansas City Royals on the ATS run line. Jacob deGrom got off to a shaky start on Opening Day but has been excellent since that point. On Monday, he’ll be facing a Royals team that he just held to two runs over seven innings in his last outing, expecting a similar result in this one, even away from the friendly confines of Arlington. On the other side, Jordan Lyles just surrendered four runs on eight hits in a loss to the Rangers in his last start, and things shouldn’t deviate from that script in Kansas City. Lyles still carries an xERA of 5.80 and is in the bottom 10 percentile among all qualified pitchers in xBA and whiff rate. Texas should jump out to an early lead and never look back.

Expert MLB Pick: Texas should jump out to an early lead and never look back a strong ATS pick.

#2 MLB Picks and Parlay: SF Giants vs MIA Marlins · Game Totals Under 7.5 

Our Expert MLB Pick Game Totals Under Analysis: For the second pick, we’re going with another under, this time between the San Francisco Giants and Miami Marlins. The Marlins’ offense has been dreadful this month, ranking 30th in runs per game, and they have struggled against right-handed pitching, ranking 23rd in batting average and 26th in OPS. San Francisco hasn’t been much better at the plate, specifically against left-handed pitching, ranking 27th in batting average, 28th in on-base percentage, and 30th in OPS. Jesus Luzardo currently has a 1.93 ERA with a 2.67 xERA, and Logan Webb will be pitching on extra rest.

Expert MLB Pick: We don’t expect the struggling Giants lineup to have an easy time against Luzardo

#3 MLB Picks and Parlay: LA Angels vs BOS Red Sox · Game Totals Under 8.5

Our Expert MLB Pick Analysis: In the third pick, we’re going with an under in Boston between the Los Angeles Angels and Boston Red Sox. Shohei Ohtani will be on the mound for the Angels, and he holds an ERA of 0.87 after three starts, allowing just one run and six hits over 19 innings pitched while recording 24 strikeouts. Hitters are 6-for-60 with a 32% strikeout rate against Ohtani. Brayan Bello is one of the top prospects for the Red Sox, and he was excellent in his rehab start this month, allowing just one run and four hits in six innings while throwing 50 strikes of the 81 pitches.

Expert MLB Pick: Given the outstanding pitching of Ohtani and the promise of Bello, we don’t expect many runs to be scored in this game so it’s hard not to back the under while it hovers above 8 runs. 

Conclusion for Monday Best Bet MLB Pick and Parlays 04-17-2023

Our expert MLB parlay picks for Monday, 04-17-2023, consist of three games, including two game totals under and one ATS run line.

Why Not Combine Today’s Best Bets with MLB Parlay Bet?

In MLB parlays, you can combine multiple selections in a single bet, and is there a better play than to package up our Best Bets into a higher paying Parlay wager? The odds of each individual selection are multiplied to calculate the parlay odds, which can provide a great payout on our MLB free picks for a small bet.

The most commonly wagered markets in MLB parlay bets are ATS run lines and money lines, and Totals Over/Unders picks are popular, which is what our experts have selected today. Same game baseball parlay picks using prop bets can also be another exciting play. Our experts analyze every game of the MLB season, leaving no stone unturned in trying to find the best opportunities and strongest selections to make up our MLB parlay bets.

What Is A Parlay Bet on MLB Baseball?

A parlay bet on baseball is a type of sports wager that combines multiple bets into one single bet, where all outcomes must be correct in order for the bettor to win. In a baseball parlay, a bettor can select two or more games and bet on the point spread, money line, or total runs scored in each game.

For example, let’s say you want to bet on two baseball games: the New York Yankees vs. the Boston Red Sox and the Los Angeles Dodgers vs. the San Francisco Giants. You can make a parlay bet that the Yankees will win by at least two runs and the Dodgers and Giants game will have a total of under 8 runs scored. If both of those outcomes happen, you win the parlay bet.

Parlay bets can offer higher payouts than individual bets, but they are also riskier because you have to be correct on all of the bets in order to win. If even one of the bets is incorrect, the entire parlay bet is lost.

The Best Tips from MLB Baseball Betting Experts.

Discover expert tips on MLB baseball betting with free parlay picks and bets, covering common questions and suggestions for better betting. The most frequently wagered markets in MLB parlay bets are the ATS Run Lines and Money Lines, as they allow for increased odds when betting on favorites. This is especially beneficial when a couple of favorites do not provide the desired payout or risk edge.

Multi Games Same Day Parlays are Popular

Additionally, multi-game parlays on the same day are popular among bettors, as they allow for a wager and interest in multiple games on the day’s slate.

Most Common MLB Parlay Picks are Money Line and ATS Run Lines

The most commonly wagered markets in MLB parlay bets are ATS Run Lines and Money Lines and the reason is simple these are often used to increase the odds when betting on a couple of favorites does not provide the payout or risk edge the bettor is looking for.

Expert MLB Parlay Picks

Our team of experts thoroughly analyzes every game of the MLB season, leaving no stone unturned in their quest to identify the best opportunities and strongest selections to form our MLB parlay bets. You can find all of our expert MLB parlay picks on our dedicated MLB Parlay Bets page.

How To Bet Using USA Best Bet MLB Parlay Picks

To utilize the free USA Best Bet experts MLB parlay picks, the betting process is quick and straightforward on any online sportsbook. Adding multiple selections into your bet slip and clicking the parlay option before placing your wager creates a parlay bet.

When placing a parlay bet, comparing odds is especially crucial. In the competitive online sportsbook industry, sportsbooks strive to attract customers by offering the best odds across their sportsbook. This works to the bettor’s advantage, as they can compare odds across multiple sportsbooks to find the best option before placing their wager.

For instance, in an MLB parlay bet combining three strong favorites, each with odds of -200 on one sportsbook, a $100 wager would return $338. However, if another sportsbook offers the same three selections at odds of -150, the payout difference is noticeable due to parlay odds multiplying. In this scenario, the $100 wager would return $463, which is $125 more.

Check out Stake.com for the best USA online legal betting and KasinoBets.com for legal off shore site, South America and Canadian betting.

MLB Parlay Bet at the Stake.com

Unsure on the best places to wager your MLB parlay bets? Head over to our Online Sportsbook Partner Page where we break down all the information and latest promo codes you’ll need for all of the top online sportsbooks.

How To Win An MLB Parlay Bet

MLB parlay bets are increasingly popular but can be notoriously tough to land, with teams often splitting MLB series’ and the premise that anyone can beat anyone, on any given day. There are no guarantees in sports results and the betting that follows, however free expert MLB sports picks can and does help bettors to gain the best possible wagering results and success.

Pick Selections is the hardest parlay part

So avoiding these potential pitfalls in adding selections to your MLB parlay is the toughest part. Our experts analyze everything from team form and news, matchups, weather conditions, and a wealth of player and team statistics ahead of making all of our MLB predictions to try best to reduce the chances of this.

MLB parlay strategies

The USA Best Bet experts have compiled a couple of popular MLB parlay strategies to help increase the value of your odds and provide you with the best chance of turning a profit long-term while avoiding baseball’s variance.

Parlaying large favorites

One strategy involves parlaying large favorites, as straight wagers on big MLB Baseball favorites often offer little value. Combining two favorites at the same odds of -200, for example, would offer a more appealing return for your wager.

Home Favourite and Totals Under

Another strategy involves parlaying the MLB money line and run total picks in the same game, with a large home favorite and the under being a popular choice among MLB parlay bettors. As home teams bat last in baseball, the game only goes 8.5 innings instead of 9 when they have a lead, making it a plus for unders backers.

Expert MLB Picks Free

In addition to these strategies, our experts provide free tools, tips, and advice for MLB predictions to help increase your wagering chances and instill confidence in your own selections. However, it’s important to conduct your own research before placing any bets.

Do your own research before placing bets

With a wealth of experience in wagering on MLB parlay bets and tried-and-tested strategies and analysis in hand, our expert handicappers provide the best free MLB parlay bets.

Best MLB Parlay Pick Odds

Calculating MLB parlay odds can be confusing, but it is a great way to increase your potential payout. An MLB parlay bet is a single wager on multiple MLB picks, and all selections must win for your bet to cash. The run line and money line are common markets in MLB parlays, and the odds for these markets change depending on the matchup.

How to calculate MLB baseball parlay odds

To calculate MLB parlay odds, you must multiply the odds of each selection of the parlay. It’s easiest to use decimal odds to do this. For example, if you want to parlay three selections at odds of 3.0, 4.3, and 2.2, you simply multiply the odds of your selections and then by your stake to calculate your winnings. The result is the parlay odds, which you can then use to calculate your potential payout by multiplying the parlay odds by your stake.

Online Sportsbooks Best Sites

All online sportsbooks will calculate the MLB parlay odds and potential payouts for your selections if you add them to your bet slip and click on the parlay tab. Visit Stake.com or our favored off shore site KasinoBets.com

Keep in mind that comparing odds across different sportsbooks can help you find the best value and potentially increase your payout.

Baseball Parlays – What Is An MLB Same Game Parlay

An MLB Same Game Parlay is the same as a regular MLB parlay, a multi-selection single bet, the difference being, the MLB Same Game Parlay sees all of the picks come from the same match rather than a selection from multiple different matches.

The big positive of an MLB Same Game Parlay is that by combining multiple picks you can shoot for a bigger win on the game you’re watching or the team you root for, as like all parlays, the odds of your MLB Saem Game Parlay increase with each selection.

MLB Same Game Parlays

MLB same game picks and parlays allow bettors to combine multiple wagers from the same game, which can provide more significant odds and payouts compared to individual wagers. These types of bets can include combining money line, run line, and totals picks on the same game.

When betting on MLB same game picks and parlays, it’s crucial to consider factors such as starting pitchers, bullpen usage, and team batting and pitching statistics. Analyzing these factors can help identify potential value and increase the chances of making a profitable wager.

It’s also important to shop around and compare odds across different sportsbooks, as same game parlay odds can vary significantly between bookmakers. Taking advantage of the best odds can maximize potential winnings and long-term profits. Play your free MLB Picks Now

Be Selective and Bet Responsibly in MLB Parlay Betting

As with any type of sports betting, practicing responsible gambling habits and setting a budget is essential when betting on MLB same game picks and parlays.

Remember, the more selections you add to your MLB Same Game Parlay, the more difficult it is to win, but also that more the odds and potential payout will increase! So it’s a fine line between shooting for the stars and trying to seek out value in an MLB Parlay so adding 3 or 4 picks is usually a better option for your main play with a sprinkle play on a parlay with more selections than that.

Best Bet MLB expert picks and parlay tip is for 2-3 or 4 selections for your best chance of success.

Baseball Parlay Picks – How To Bet On An MLB Same Game Parlay

Stake.com Sportsbook is a champion of the Same Game Parlay, and while they’re more widely available on sports such as NFL, NBA now, they remain the only sportsbook to offer for Same Game MLB Parlays. While this is likely to change over time, Stake.com is a great option for any Same Game Parlay, with competitive odds and a wide range of MLB Markets included, it has everything you want.

Best Parlay Bet Site: Consider KasinoBets for Baseball Wagers

To place an MLB Same Game Parlay, head over to KasinoBets.com Sportsbook site or mobile app, and click on the MLB tab which can be found at the top of the page or on the Sports A-Z list on the left-hand side. On the MLB page, you will find a list of upcoming games, and under each game, you will see an SGP logo in green to show that SGP markets are currently available on that game.

Same Game Parlay section

Clicking on a game will open the markets available for that game including a Same Game Parlay section which will show all of the markets you can add to the Same Game Parlay for that game, which will typically include regular markets such as Money Line, Run Lines, Run Totals, as well Prop bets and first five innings bets. Visit Stake.com

MLB Baseball Betting on KasinoBets

Each selection you click will be added to your bet slip and the Same Game Parlay odds automatically update each time a pick is added. Once you have added all of your desired selections, enter the amount you wish to wager on the parlay and hit ‘place bet’. And that’s it, you’re on!

New to sports betting or not yet registered with KasinoBets.com online sports betting sites yet? Click through to read our sportsbook review which contains all of the need-to-know information about our partner Sportsbook, including the best promo codes and sign-up offers in your state.

Free Baseball Parlay Picks 

Baseball parlays offer a fun way to bet small and win big, with up to 15 games per day, providing almost limitless possibilities. You can create a 3-team parlay by combining a few of the favorites to increase the profitability of a -200 wager, or build a huge baseball parlay for the day by analyzing the run line odds. The BNB Bet Club handicappers will provide their top baseball parlay picks each day, including throughout the season and into the playoffs, which can be found on this page.

Expert MLB Picks Analysis

For full best bet pick analysis and breakdown of our experts free baseball predictions, check out our MLB Picks and page where we preview and predict every single game during the MLB season.

Best Free Sports Betting Pick Options

If you are looking for expert MLB Baseball picks free, then usabestbet.com is the place to be. Our team of sports betting experts has meticulously analyzed today’s MLB lineup to present you with three picks that offer a significant parlay payout. Additionally, we provide other USA sports picks, such as against the spread and parlay bets, to improve your chances of success.

FREE expert cross sports picks and parlay in betting.

NFL Football Picks

NBA Basketball Picks

 MLB Baseball Picks

NHL Hockey Picks

NCAA College Football and Basketball

UFC / Mixed Martial Arts


Want More MLB Picks for Today or Sports Betting Picks

We hope you enjoyed our MLB Best Bet picks report for today 04-17-2023. Why not get more complimentary free tips, wagering advice, and how-to-bet guides?

Learn how to utilize our USA best best pick lines, spreads, ATS, and parlays in your betting. With a full range of major sports to select from. You can also keep the official sporting body sites bookmarked for easy reference of the season schedules, games time and other insider news.

  1. Football (NFL, College Football)
  2. Basketball (NBA, College Basketball)
  3. Baseball (MLB)
  4. Hockey (NHL )
  5. Soccer (MLS, EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Champions League, UEFA, FIFA)
  6. Tennis (ATP, WTA)
  7. Golf (PGA, LPGA)
  8. Boxing and MMA (UFC)
  9. Horse Racing

USA Best Bet Picks and MLB Parlay Picks for Today

USA Best Bet combines Money Line, Run Line, and Totals Over/Under betting predictions to create our MLB Parlay Picks. However, placing parlay bets requires careful analysis of matchups, research, and expert opinions to make informed decisions. It’s essential to exercise caution and sound judgment while placing these bets as they are more challenging to win than individual bets, despite their potential for significant payouts.

Good luck with your 100% free – MLB Best Bet picks and parlay plays for today, 04-17-2023.

USA Best Bet Expert Picks – Bet Responsibly

The betting trends and statistics that support our Best Bet MLB Picks today on 04-17-2023. Remember, these are just our expert opinions, and there is always an element of unpredictability in sports betting. So, always gamble responsibly and within your means. Good luck and enjoy the Best Bet MLB 04-17-2023 games!

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