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Yes, the USA Best Bet team of experts can assist. Whilst wagering is almost as old as a man! No one knows for sure when the first sports bet was made but we sure are thankful. However, the odds (pardon the pun) are that it was made soon after sports were invented. And continuing ever since. It has now exploded since the USA legalized sports betting online. Becoming very much mainstream, with sports betting part of the game, enhancing the passion of the fans and even the media now call all the plays, odds and possible bets. Below we can explain how sports betting works in USA and how you get maximize the opportunity with daily free picks and sportsbook free bet bonuses.

Want to learn how sports betting works in the USA? And Where to get the best sports betting picks?

Then you’ve come to the right place, so let’s start your betting journey in a winning way, as we have everything you need to be successful in betting on sports in the USA today. Our Best Bet experts explain how sports betting works and how you get maximize the opportunity with daily free picks and sportsbook free bet bonuses

Yes, you can learn on this site, And understand how sports betting works in America.

  • The explanation for How betting on sport works in the USA by best bet experts
  • What sports betting is
  • The different types of sports bets available
  • How to make wagering bets on sport
  • The best sportsbook sites for you to place sports bets
  • How the sportsbooks make money

How Betting on Sport Works in USA


We can explain the basics of how bets on sports work, in simple terms. Two or more parties agree on a bet on whether something will or won’t happen. Money is wagered, and there is either head to head (win/lose) or odds. The person that predicts the correct result wins the bet. The other party loses the money wagered. Most legal sports betting is conducted with sportsbooks, which we will cover in more depth later.

What is Sports Betting

Sports betting is exactly what it sounds like. You wager a type of sports bet on a particular sporting event to win an amount of money, based on the odds offered. This might be a money line or spread bet, prop bet, against spread or ATS, on team or players and parlays.

There is such a wide range of bets on sport these days, and many different ways to make the bets. Sports betting is now available at legal casinos, some sports bars, stadiums, sportsbooks online, mobile and betting apps.

Betting on sports is a way for some fans to win money, and others a way to increase the enjoyment of watching a sport, their favorite team or a sports event more.

The thrill and excitement of a winning chance enhance the excitement and whilst only a few people may have the skills to make money over the longer term, increasingly millions of people around the world and in America bet on sports events every year.

What are the main Sports for Online Betting in USA?

The truth is if you can play it in North America, then you can probably bet on it! These days there are lines for everything. Our sports betting experts teach you how to bet on the main sports in this guide.

These are NFL Football, NBA Basketball. MLB Baseball, NHL Hockey, and NCAAB Basketball, NCAAF Football college sports. Soccer or (Football) is a world favorite sport and the most heavily bet on sport in the world today. Whilst we do not cover every sport, and every betting line as that is impossible to WIN!

The USA Best Bet experts have proven betting models to help analyse and predict sports picks, best bets, latest odds and other betting predictions.

This cover most of the major USA sports including. Here is a brief description of the US Sports Betting action;

  • NFL Betting, all betting lines, against the spread and over-under totals for all regular season, playoffs and Super Bowl. NFL Parlays are favorite with NFL punters.
  • NBA Betting – many NBA betting lines exist including points bet, player and team, against the spread and over-under totals for all regular season and playoff and NBA Championship picks for the seven-game series bet predictions.
  • MLB Betting, with most popular betting lines, being money lines, prop bets, run lines (or Parlay in Betting), ATS, Baseball 5 innings wagers, and totals picks for all 2,430 regular-season games. Our MLB picks and predictions continue through the World Series playoffs
  • NHL Betting, the money line and over under totals picks from our experts which include playoff and Stanley Cup predictions. Look out for expert picks and best bet predictions.
  • College Football Betting – from betting lines, to gainst the spread and over-under totals for all regular season and Championship game predictions.
  • College Basketball bets – online, money lines, prop bets, against the spread and over-under totals for all regular season and the National Championship playoff games.
  • Soccer Betting – World Football Leagues, including FA Premier League Betting, UEFA Bets, La Liga Bets, Bundesliga Bets, Serie A Bets, League 1 Bets, betting on the FIFA World Cup 2022
  • Many more sports have betting including the UFC, Boxing, Tennis and Golf.
USA sports betting

Only a few experts have the sports betting skills to win money!

Luckily, USA Best Bet site have specialist betting analysts, these experts are proven over decades of sports betting successes and will be assisting your wagering success. Achieved by FREE Expert Sports Picks daily and exclusive member-only alerts.

The wagering news article also states that the majority of that amount is made in illegal ways. We discuss more legal and illegal US sports betting later in more detail on this site.

However, the first and really only thing you need to remember and learn is that the legal way is the only smart way to bet. Stay out of trouble, do not risk your funds!

Sports betting is for fun and enjoyment and frankly is not worth the risk of legal issues or with law enforcement.

Plus and Minus in Sports Betting

The plus and minus in sports betting are used in American style betting odds to denote how much a $100 wager will pay out if it wins (when a plus sign is used), or how much must be staked to win $100 (when a minus sign is used). And are also used in point spread betting.

Point spreads are among the most common wagers in US sports betting. And the betting lines for such wagers are displayed using plus and minus symbols. So most sporting events have a favorite and an underdog listed. The favorite gives points or runs (or margin) and the underdog receives points or runs (or margin).

Our NFL football spread betting example.

MIAMI VS. DALLAS – NFL POINT SPREAD – Miami (+3) -110 Dallas (-3) -110

In this betting example, Miami Dolphins would be playing at Dallas and Dallas has been listed as the favorite. Therefore, Miami is the underdog. The home team is usually listed second in US sports betting (different to some other markets).

Also, in this sports betting example; if you bet on Dallas you give 3 points. This means that for your wager to win – Dallas must win by 4 or more than 4 points.

However, If you bet; Miami you get 3 points. Means you only win if Miami either wins the game outright or if they tie, or lose by 1 or 2 points maximum. Yes if the game ends in a tie – you win. If Dallas wins by exactly 3 points you don’t win or lose.

The -110 for each team is the betting odds. In this example above, you would have to wager $110 to win $100. Sports betting lines are not always whole numbers. Half points are often part of a plus or minus line wager, making a tie or push impossible.

Here’s another example this time an NBA Betting Spread.

PHILLY VS. NEW YORK – NBA POINT SPREAD Philadelphia (+4.5) -110 and New York (-4.5) -110

For instance in this example, if you bet on Philadelphia you win the bet if they win the game outright or lose by 4 or fewer points. When you bet on New York they have to win by at least 5 points for you to win.

If you still need help our USA Best Bet experts, provide FREE daily sports picks, spreads, ATS, Parlays and many other line bets for most major sports events for NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA College Basketball and College Football.

Check out the FREE Picks here.

Sports Betting – Moneyline

Moneylines are a type of bet where you bet on who you think is going to win the contest. On a Moneyline bet you don’t need to worry about how many runs or points a team wins by. The Moneyline is still listed with a plus or minus number, but they signify the odds – or how much you need to bet or can win.

Favorites are listed with a minus number and underdogs are listed with a positive number. At first, it can be confusing to understand how to read moneylines but once you get the hang of it, you’ll quickly be able to see the possible bets.

On a moneyline for a favorite with a negative number it means you have to bet this much to win 100.

Here’s a US Sports Betting NFL example.

  • Baltimore (-200)

This means that you have to wager/risk $200 for the chance to win $100. A betting money line featuring a positive number for an underdog, the number is the amount you win if you bet $100.

Here’s an Underdog example.

  • San Diego (+180)

This means that if you bet $100 you win $180 if San Diego wins. In a very evenly matched game, you might see a money line with both teams at – 105 or – 110. This means you can bet on either team by betting $105 to win $100 or betting $110 to win $100. The $5-10 difference is the sportsbook margin.

Important to remember, that you don’t have to bet $100 on the plus lines or the total amount on the minus lines. You can bet any amount between the minimum and maximum amount designated in the Sportsbook. The numbers are always automatically adjusted to fit your wager but the odds remain the same.

If you want to bet on San Diego at + $180 but only want to bet $50, the maths is simple, if you win $180 when betting $100, you, therefore, win $90 if you bet $50 (half). If you want to only wager $25 you can win $45.

Tip: You can always use a betting calculator to help you work out how much you will win if you bet x amount.

To determine the amounts yourself you could divide 100 by your proposed wager amount and then divide the betting line by the result. example: 100 divided by 50 is 2, and 180 divided by 2 is 90. Or simply use a betting calculator. Being much simpler, more accurate and when we get to multi bets, parlays and larger odds it can definitely pay dividends to have machine help.

Sports Betting Over/Under or Totals Betting

Wagering over/under is a sports bet on the combined score of both teams in a match up. Here’s an NFL Over/Under betting example. NEW ORLEANS VS. HOUSTON NFL OVER/UNDER Over 48.5 -110 Under 48.5- 110

For instance, in this example you bet on the sports total score of both teams. It will be either Over or Under 48.5 points

So you are not picking the winner or loser but how many points you think the two combined teams will score. You simply bet on the Over if you think they will score more and bet on the Under if you think the final scores will total less than the NFL Over/Under line.

Over/Under A Good Way to Learn How to Bet on Sport in USA

Over/under bets are a really easy way to bet and a great way to start your betting on the USA sports journey. However, the sportsbooks are very good at setting the NFL (and all sports) betting lines.

So you may learn that picking winners are far harder than it looks. Also greater news, the USA Best Bet experts are highly experienced and proven at picking Over/Under winners. And for that fact winning picks on all sports betting.

You can find Over/Under betting lines on sport in USA; NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball and Soccer is also known as football or world football in other countries. There are also many other USA sports and major events to bet on.

Get can get your FREE daily sports picks by opening messenger now

How Sportsbooks Make Money

It would not be a lesson on how betting on sport works if we did not inform you on how sportsbooks make their money. The vig is a name for the betting margin that the Sportsbooks make on taking or accepting your bet. This is the main way sportsbooks make a profit. It’s a sportsbook fee, or commission, or margin that you and every bettor pay when wagering bets.

The margin as I prefer to call it is built into all odds, betting money lines and is represented by the difference in the lines or odds. If the favorite is listed at – 200 and the underdog is listed at + 180 – then that difference between what you can win and have to wager creates a profit margin for the sportsbook.

The most common form of vig is when you bet on point spreads. You usually need to risk more than you can win in these situations.

Example of a typical vig for sports betting; $110 to win $100 and/or betting $105 to win $100. When the sportsbooks accept the same amount of bets on each side of a contest they have locked in their profit!

Many people think they are betting against the sportsbook. However this is not true, you are actually betting against other bettors who like the opposite bet to you. The sportsbook is that a book, to register the bet, hold the funds and set the lines / odds.

Here’s how it works for US Sportsbooks;

In this sports betting guide, you learn how to place a bet and how wagering works, and part of that is knowing how and where the sportsbooks make their money. We also look at what makes a best sports betting online site.

In this simple example – the USA Sportsbook takes $11,000 to win $10,000 on team A and $11,000 to win $10,000 on team B.

If team A wins the book gives the winners back their $11,000 PLUS $10,000 from the losers! This leaves a profit of $1,000 for the book.

NOTE – The exact same thing happens if team B wins.

However, Sportsbooks rarely receive the exact same amount on each side of a contest, but over the course of hundreds or thousands of games and matchups, they manage to lock in a profit. As long as they are posting good betting lines, have a mass customer base, (loyal helps too).

Sportsbook Betting Lines

The sportsbooks also adjust the betting lines if they see too much action bet on one side of sporting content. They move the money line to encourage more bettors to place wagers on the opposite side of the line.

When they move the line in this way it also discourages more bets on the sports side that currently has more bets. After that, it is a balancing act, and finally, they can lay off the bets with other Vegas books if they are a bit overcooked on a contest.

You rarely if ever hear of a sportsbook going broke and above is why.

We have reviewed hundreds of sportsbooks and online betting sites but only partnered with a few, the very best in each state. This is to bring you the best sportsbook and betting site, experience, odds, rewards, bookie free bet offers, bonus aswell as our FREE sports picks daily by experts.

We have combined these benefits to get you the best online sports betting site, offer and experience for USA today. You can claim your FREE Bet now.

Where to Place Online Bets when Betting on Sports in USA

The main legal places you can place bets in America are at land-based Sportsbooks or and online and mobile betting sites. This is our preferred method of betting and we have the best USA sports betting site partnerships for your benefit.

All the sportsbooks we have elected to partner with pass the best bet expert review guidelines and offer both online and mobile sports betting on their sites.

The other option could be an illegal bookie!

The other option could be an illegal bookie! or placing bets with other people you know. Which is not advisable!

Why? because you could ruin a friendship, not get paid or not have the money to pay and well it is illegal and could put you on the wrong side of law enforcement. Sport is fun, betting enhances enjoyment, so my advice keeps it legal, keep it fun.

Land-based sportsbooks are now available in many parts of the USA, especially the world-famous Las Vegas. But sports betting is still illegal in many areas as well. In some places, the Sportsbook are either located in a Casino, partnered with a Casino and in others, the sportsbook is a separate business.

Most Convenient, is Online and Mobile Sports Betting


The easiest, most convenient way is mobile sports betting and online wagering. That’s why we have partnered with the best sportsbooks sites and apps so you can access your legal betting when, where and how you want to. Getting you the best betting lines, odds, bonuses, sports picks and best bets for free. However, that is subject to you being in a legal state. Open messenger and ask the USA Best Bet experts.

Online books are available anywhere you can access the internet, but they’re also illegal in some parts of the world including parts of the USA, so please be careful.

We have the best online sportsbook betting sites so there is no need for illegal betting.

Even where sports betting is clearly illegal you can still find an online sportsbook business willing to take their bets. However, if they are not legal, you are not protected as a consumer and may not get your money back or winnings or both. Plus the laws are strict and fines or imprisonment are not worth the trouble.

We have the best online sportsbook betting sites and mobile sites/apps – so you do not need illegal bookies. We will get you the best deal on sign up bonuses and loyalty does pay with the leading books. So use our trusted partners and get a deal from the USA Best Bet team below.

Online Sportsbook Matchmaking and FREE Bet upto $2021!

You could learn more about sports betting laws for where you live before starting to place sports bets and the USA Best Bet site is a great tool for that. However, you can also tell us where you live, what sports you like to bet on, how and we will match make you with the best sportsbook to match your services need and location.

There are two ways to do this, go directly to the best FREE Bookie Offers and Bonuses now or open messenger and our betting advisor will help get you hooked up with the best offer and of course, FREE betting picks by the best bet experts.

What is an illegal Bookie?

Bookies are individuals who take sports bets and in most areas, they’re operating outside the law. In many areas the authorities ignore bookies, but if you place bets with an illegal bookie understand that you may be opening yourself up to possible problems.

Bookies operate almost exactly like a traditional sportsbook operation and charge vig on their bets. They usually take their lines from larger bookmakers. Some bookies also offer betting cards or parlay cards where you pick a number of games for a bigger possible payout than making straight bets.

BE AWARE – Bookies operate like Sportsbooks but they are far from it.

These cards act as a huge profit centre for bookies, which should tell you straight up why they should be avoided. However the number one reason there is no guarantee of seeing your money. Secondly, no guarantee of seeing your winnings. And think of how bad it would be to have a huge win, just to find out the bookie (or friend) can not pay.

This happens more than you may think. Regulated betting has advantages and guaranteed payments are one of those. Thirdly, the law, breaking it for gambling is a serious offence and not worth the trouble with the law.

Betting with friends and acquaintances is the best way to place bets without paying vig and the easiest way to lose friends! It can also be difficult to find enough people willing to bet on the opposite side of the sports that you want to bet on.

We advise, Bet with the best sports betting sites online and have a safe enjoyable experience when wagering.

The Best USA Mobile Sports Betting and Online Sports Betting Sites

We firmly believe that betting sites online and even more importantly Mobile Sports Betting is the way to go for our USA best bet members and the general public. The following sportsbook betting sites are the ones we currently recommend and you can get the Bookie FREE bet offer with bonuses up to $2021 depending on your geolocation and state laws.

Best US Sportsbook Betting Sites – William Hill, Unibet, Caesars, Points Bet, Betfred Sports, Bet365

Note – We do not post links to sportsbooks like some sites do, as the laws for each state are different and we have regulated national sports betting website. We believe strongly in legal compliance and not one sportsbook fits all. So we provide a personal match of your sports betting needs with the location and services provided by the sportsbook before recommending the bookie for you.

Therefore, we have excellent exclusive FREE Bet Offers and Bonuses for all USA markets from the best Bookies when betting on the sport today.

We are constantly reviewing the best online sportsbooks and in negotiations for the best exclusive best bet and free bet, bonus offers. So open Messenger and request the best deal now.

How to Place Bets

When learning how betting on sport works, one of the first things you need to do is look at the betting lines and decide which sport and/or team/player you want to bet on. After that, whether you want to predict a winning bet. Choose either side on the plus and minus line, the money line, or the over/under the line and what type of bet you want to make. A prop bet, Spread, Against the Spread, Points Bet, Money line, etc…

Remember daily FREE Sports Picks by experts

will help achieve betting success.

Your risk appetite will also help you determine this, do you want a low odds/surer thing like a favorite over/under, or want a big win? Like parlay bets, the expert team can help you with FREE Parlay picks for most sports.

In land-based sportsbooks, you go to a betting window and tell the person what you want to bet on and how much you are willing to risk. Some books still offer betting papers where you can mark your selections, some have automated tellers and others simply take sports bets by you stating your wagering needs

When you place a bet and hand over your money the sportsbook gives you a betting slip, to confirm your wager. Do not lose it – It lists the bet and amount. You must return the betting slip back in to get paid if you win. Do not lose the ticket!

Here are some further USA Betting on Sport examples.

  • Cincinnati at +3 at 110 to win 100.
  • The over for 100 on the Dallas v Buffalo game.
  • 100 on the money line on Seattle.

The different USA sportsbooks may have slightly different preferences on how they wish to take bets. If you are unsure, then do ask a sportsbook or casino employee to assist you. OR ask the first time you plan to wager a bet at the window.

When you place bets with a bookie you can use the same language and methods as you use in a regular sportsbook. However for all reasons mentioned earlier in this article, we do not advise this method of betting.

It is Easier and Safer to Bet on Sport with a Legal USA Sportsbook, and your Mobile in Your Pocket!

If you place bets at an online sports betting site, you simply search to find the game you want to bet on, the best bet and bingo… click the betting action or team you want to wager on and enter the amount you want to risk. The online betting site will show you the odds, and then most of the best online sportsbooks, take you to a confirmation screen to check and verify your bet.

After that, your wager is placed and your confirmation is in your account on your phone or desktop computer. All very safe, legal and easy. Just as the money is deducted from your account, so too is your winnings deposited to your account.

For my money, this is the simplest, easiest way on how to bet on sports in the USA today. Get the best sports betting site, with an exclusive and FREE BET Bonus and even more FREE stuff with daily Sports Picks. That sounds like a ripper FREE bet promotion to me.

Conclusion – Yes, We Can Explain How Sports Betting Works in the USA for You.

We truly hope this Best Bet guide helped explain how to bet on sport in the USA today. The experts have designed it to show you how USA sports betting works, with explanations for a newbie to help make sports bets like a pro, (well with our betting analyst experts ongoing FREE picks help).

However, even if before today you’ve never placed a sports bet in the USA. You can now understand all of your betting options, where to get the best sportsbooks, why legal bookies, and how to make sports wagers without making a mistake. And how to get free sports picks daily on your favorite sport to help you with your betting success.

Intro Beginners Level Explanation of How Sports Betting Works

This is an intro to basic sports betting at a fairly basic level, but we would love for you to join the fastest growing sports betting community at USA Best Bet. Which is part of a global group of leading online betting sites. Ran by sports betting experts for sports fans.

For more detailed how betting on sport works, sports wagering or information pertaining to any aspects of sports betting, sportsbook sites, free picks and best bets and how it all works. Check out the USA Best Bet site. Do yourself a favor, when you are there, open messenger and sign up for the FREE sports picks! You will claim yourself the best sportsbook in your region, with the best bookie bonus on offer in the USA today.

We look forward to helping you WIN more on your sports bets in USA!

Cheers and happy punting.

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USA Best Bet blog by experts – for the best betting online in USA today
USA sports betting online

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