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College Football betting is exceptionally popular and has been on the rise, with more and more bettors turning to NCAAF games as they look for exciting opportunities. We specialize in providing Best Bets online, 100% Free Picks and Parlay wagering on the College Football ‘Power 5’ teams and other Top-25 ranked teams from outside these conferences. Our NCAAF College Football Best Bet experts provide detailed previews on our proprietary Best Bets page for the most promising matchups each day, week, and weekend for wagering on the spread (ATS), prop bets, points bet totals and custom Parlays. These Expert analysts are dedicated to helping you make informed decisions with up-to-date news and breaking analysis too!

College Football Wagers For 2022/23 Season

College Football betting is exceptionally popular and has been on the rise. With more and more bettors turning to College football games as they look for exciting gambling opportunities. Here at USA Best Bet we specialize, as the name suggest in providing Best Bets, which are 100% Free College Football Picks and Parlays for the ‘Power 5’ and other Top-25 ranked teams from outside these conferences. Our College Football experts provide detailed previews of the most promising matchups each week with predictions on the spread (ATS) and points totals customer Parlays, plus our proprietary Best Bets page. Our highly experienced analysts are dedicated to helping you make informed decisions with up-to-date news and breaking analysis too!

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You can now get access to all our College Football Best Bets for every week of the 2022/23 season. Our experts sift through their NCAAF Picks and NCAAF Predictions to hand pick the best college football bets this week. These are the “USA Best Bets” the best of the best picks from the week of college football.

What Are Our Best Bets on NCAAF Football?

If you’re looking for the NCAAF best bets you have come to the right team of expert handicappers who conduct in-depth research throughout the season to provide insightful and free picks and best bet selections on all games. From Over/Under market predictions to Against the Spread (ATS) and Moneyline selections, we provide insight with confidence ratings ranging from 1 to 5 stars. Find our most confident picks on our NCAAF College Football Best Bets page for this weekend or in the daily Free Picks Blog.

The Best Bets on College Football This Week 

We got you covered for all the College Football betting action this week. We provide previews and bets for the most important matches of the NCAAF season, including Power 5 Conference games and those involving Top-25 ranked teams. Our previews will be posted at least two days prior to execution and include our proprietary Best Bets, plus experts picks against the spread ATS and points total line, along with comprehensive analysis and key stats and of course parlay picks. So don’t miss out on any action this weekend – get your College Football betting in now!

College Football Bets Today?

Need to find the best NCAAF bets for today? Steel yourself with our College Football Best Bets page, and don’t forget to check back weekly! With hundreds of games each week in a typical season, betting success requires that you wager selectively. That’s where we come in. We offer industry-leading analysis, drawing on decades of experience, to bring you the highest-calibre NCAAF picks at no cost! Our Best Bets page works in tandem with our daily blog and College Football Picks and Predictions page so that you can get a comprehensive overview wherever you are – never missing a great prediction. Bringing it all together for the most successful college football betting strategy in the USA.

What Is The Best Online Sportsbook To Bet College Football?

Trying to decide where to wager your best bets? Our advice is to first check for our top offers for Sportsbooks in your GeoLocation. always shop around and compare the best betting odds and markets before placing any kind of bet. With our College Football wagers including Best Picks, ATS and Parlays, we post the best bonuses and odds offered by all major online Sportsbooks next to each selection. However, it’s important to remember that these can change rapidly. Don’t miss out on an extra point in the spread or more favourable money line odds simply because you didn’t check elsewhere! Unsure of which site is offering the best value? Check out our Online Sportsbook Reviews for comprehensive evaluations of all top online sportsbooks in your state, plus find the most attractive promo codes for free or bonus bets on our Bonuses Page.

Top NCAAF Bets For This Weekend

Planning to place a wager on this weekend’s college football games? Our experienced Best Bet analysts have narrowed down the best bets for you, so you don’t have to bet on every game. Check out our analysis and best bets before making your decision. By posting our selections well in advance, you will have more time to shop around online for the best odds. Stay one step ahead of the bookies with the Best College Football Picks, and Bets This Weekend!

When Do You Post Your NCAAF Best Bets And Picks For This Weekend?

We post our NCAAF Best Bets each week, on the day before the college football games start. Our handicappers take into account numerous factors to make their decisions, such as team news, injury updates and extensive statistical research. Each of our pick selections are given a confidence rating from 1-5 stars and our four to five star plays are then analyzed further to narrow down before they can make up our premium 5 star our NCAAF Best Bets. These can typically be found on Thursday or Friday before the weekend’s playing schedule so check out this weeks’ predictions on the College Football Best Bets page!

College Football Betting Online

When it comes to online sports betting, College Football is an incredibly popular choice. With the level of enthusiasm for the sport, sportsbooks give considerable attention to developing and refining their College Football wagering products. This means that for those looking to wager on college football online, there are huge bonuses, lots of interesting markets, and great specials available every week with USA Best Bets partners. To make sure you get the best picks, lines or odds when placing an online bet on College Football.

Another smart strategy to have multiple accounts with various Sportsbooks so that you can always check back in to compare deals and prices. Here at, we provide advice on the Best College football betting lines, odds, picks and parlays out there. However, these can change so be sure to double-check right before you lock in your wagers – as just one point difference could mean all the difference between winning or losing a bet! A great option is to sign up for FREE Best Bets, it includes alerts and any late mail picks.

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College Football Live Betting

College football live betting is the latest trend in online sports wagering. With live betting, you can place an array of wagers on a game when it’s already started, such as money lines, spreads, totals and props such as touchdown scorers or team points totals. Live betting online or mobile generates excitement and the chance to enhance and connect with the on-field action as it unfolds. Give NCAAF live betting a go next time a big game hits TV screens! Watch out for our live college football predictions – coming soon.

College Football Money Line Betting

College Football money line betting is a straightforward way to bet on which team will win a given game. Unlike in the NFL, where teams are more evenly matched, college football games may feature spreads of up to -50, making the money line virtually unattractive for the favorite in these cases. It’s for this reason that the spread is far more popular for college football wagering than the money line. However, higher odds can be achieved from money line bets when it comes to close matches, such as conference play or during bowl season and playoff games. 

College Football ATS (against the spread)

College Football ATS (against the spread) betting is one of the most popular forms of sports gambling among college sports fans. Since there is often not much parity between teams, it can be difficult to make profitable bets simply on the money line. College Football against the spread (ATS) betting makes things a little more interesting with better odds, usually around -110 on either side of the line. Betting on a favorite against the spread can be riskier than the money line as they may have to give up 20-40 points, but you will get better odds. On the other hand, if you bet on the underdog they must keep it closer than expected or your bet won’t pay off. 40 points is still quite a few so taking this risk can be quite profitable!

College Football Over/Under Betting

College Football Over/Under Betting is a popular wagering option for bettors because it does not require them to predict the winner of the game. Rather, it allows them to focus on whether the total points scored will be more or less than a certain predetermined line, set by sportsbooks. The line can vary wildly in terms of how many points are set for the over/under, such as 80.5 in some games. If more points are scored than the line in such an example, then those who wagered “over” would cash. Conversely, if fewer points are scored than the line then those betting “under” would reap the reward. While this type of bet requires patience and attentiveness to lines, getting that balance right between betting over and under can lead to long-term success simulating high rewards!

College Football Prop Bets

College Football Player Prop Betting

NCAAF Football player prop betting is a great way to enhance the excitement of a game. Betting on the number of touchdowns and other offensive plays for certain players opens up various wagering opportunities. Prop bets can include attempting to predict which players will reach specific marks in rushing, receiving, or passing yards, or even who will score the first touchdown of the game. Sportsbooks assign lines that bettors need to exceed in order to win their bets.

College Football Team Prop Betting

Betting on college football team props is a great way to focus on one squad’s performance versus two. A common type of team prop bet is Total Team Points scored, which allows you to concentrate on a single side and pick either the overs or unders. Additionally, you can also wager on a team to win both halves, or even bet on individual quarters. These wagers are popular among bettors because it prevents any unfortunate outcomes such as wagering for an “overs” and seeing a smaller school shut out.

College Football Parlays

Another popular way to take advantage of the abundance of college football games each week is Parlay Betting. It involves combining multiple picks from a variety of markets into one bet, with the potential for higher returns since the odds are multiplied. However, if even one selection loses, the entire wager is lost. While they can be difficult bets to win, college football parlays often make interesting and fun small plays with a chance at large payouts. Check out Parlay Picks now.

College Football Teasers

Enjoy the thrill of college football betting with one of the safest bet options available – a teaser. Here’s how it works: when you make a teaser, you move the lines of each leg in your favour, making it slightly more advantageous. The most popular option is 7 point teaser – for example, if the original spread for Alabama and Clemson was -12 and -8 respectively, then you could bet on Alabama at -5 and Clemson at -1. In return for ‘teasing’ these lines in your favour, the odds drop accordingly to around -120 (meaning that by staking $120 you would win $100).

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