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Welcome to USA Best Bet our experts special football betting analysis and tournament preview for the CONCACAF Gold Cup 2023. In this expert football betting guide, the USA Best Bet team will provide team-by-team previews, predictions, and the best bet picks for each football group. With 16 teams competing across the United States and Canada, this biennial championship of the North, Central American, and Caribbean region promises plenty of betting action and value. The competition has historically been dominated by Mexico and the United States, but will the USMNT continue their success after their recent triumph in the CONCACAF Nations League? Let’s see what the experts think and find out.


Group A Team Previews:

  1. United States:
  • World Ranking: 13
  • Best Performance: Winners (7 times)
  • Overview: The defending champions, the United States, showcased their dominance in the recent Nations League Finals, defeating rivals Mexico and Canada without conceding a goal. Despite a largely MLS-based squad, they remain strong contenders for the title.
  1. Jamaica:
  • World Ranking: 63
  • Best Performance: 2nd (2015, 2017)
  • Overview: Jamaica’s soccer history took a positive turn with the inclusion of players like Michail Antonio, Ethan Pinnock, and Andre Gray. However, their recent form has been disappointing, failing to secure a win in their last 10 matches. Improvement is crucial to avoid an early exit.
  1. Trinidad & Tobago:
  • World Ranking: 104
  • Best Performance: 2nd (1973)
  • Overview: Trinidad & Tobago has struggled in recent Gold Cup tournaments, managing only 3 points out of a possible 18 in group-stage exits. However, a recent run of 4 wins and 2 draws has boosted their confidence. Advancing from the group would be a commendable achievement.
  1. Saint Kitts & Nevis:
  • World Ranking: 139
  • Best Performance: First-time qualifiers (2023)
  • Overview: Making their first-ever appearance in the Gold Cup, Saint Kitts & Nevis had to overcome penalty shootouts to qualify. However, facing tough competition in Group A, they are expected to face a challenging tournament and an early exit.

CONCACAF Gold Cup Group B Team Previews:

  1. Mexico:
  • World Ranking: 15
  • Best Performance: Winners (11 times)
  • Overview: Mexico, known for their Gold Cup dominance, aims to add another title to their impressive collection. Despite a disappointing World Cup campaign, Mexico reached the final in 6 of the last 8 editions. They are strong contenders for the championship.
  1. Haiti:
  • World Ranking: 87
  • Best Performance: Winners (1973)
  • Overview: Haiti had a successful Nations League campaign, but the Gold Cup presents a tougher challenge. Placed in a difficult group, replicating their 2019 semifinal run seems unlikely. They are expected to face an early exit.
  1. Honduras:
  • World Ranking: 80
  • Best Performance: Winners (1981)
  • Overview: Honduras, once a formidable force in the Gold Cup, has seen a decline in recent years. Their lack of goal-scoring prowess, with only 4 goals in their last 7 matches, raises concerns. Competing with Qatar for the second spot in the group will be a tough battle.
  1. Qatar:
  • World Ranking: 61
  • Best Performance: Semifinals (2021)
  • Overview: As the host nation for the upcoming 202

2 World Cup, Qatar aims to make an impact in the Gold Cup. While they disappointed in the recent World Cup and Arabian Gulf Cup, their semifinal appearance in the 2021 Gold Cup indicates potential. However, reaching the final stages seems unlikely this time.

CONCACAF Gold Cup Group C Team Previews:

  1. Costa Rica:
  • World Ranking: 39
  • Best Performance: Winners (three times)
  • Overview: Costa Rica’s manager has chosen a youthful squad for the tournament, relying on emerging talent. However, back-to-back losses in warm-up matches raise concerns about their preparedness. Reaching the last four would be considered a positive outcome.
  1. Panama:
  • World Ranking: 58
  • Best Performance: 2nd (2005, 2013)
  • Overview: Panama’s impressive performance in the Nations League group stage and finals, despite defeats against Canada and Mexico, gives them hope for the Gold Cup. With a history of advancing from the group stage, they have the potential to surprise in the later stages.
  1. El Salvador:
  • World Ranking: 75
  • Best Performance: Runners-up (1963, 1981)
  • Overview: El Salvador’s recent World Cup qualifying campaign was disappointing, collecting only 10 points out of 42. With four group-stage exits and four quarterfinal finishes in the last eight Gold Cups, a similar outcome seems likely this time.
  1. Martinique:
  • World Ranking: N/A
  • Best Performance: Quarterfinals (2002)
  • Overview: Martinique qualified for their fourth consecutive Gold Cup but faces a higher level of opposition. Despite winning games in previous editions, the lack of success in the Nations League suggests a difficult tournament awaits. A fourth-place finish in the group is expected.

CONCACAF Gold Cup Group D Team Previews:

  1. Canada:
  • World Ranking: 47
  • Best Performance: Winners (1985, 2000)
  • Overview: Canada displayed impressive performances in a tough World Cup group and the recent Nations League. Despite their loss to the United States in the final, they have a strong squad and should comfortably progress from their group. The minimum expectation is a place in the last four.
  1. Guatemala:
  • World Ranking: 116
  • Best Performance: Winners (1967)
  • Overview: Guatemala’s recent record in the Gold Cup has been disappointing, but they showed promise by winning their Nations League group. Placed in a relatively easier group, they have a chance to advance, although a significant impact beyond that seems unlikely.
  1. Cuba:
  • World Ranking: 165
  • Best Performance: 4th (1971)
  • Overview: Cuba failed to qualify for the previous Gold Cup and struggled in past tournaments. While they comfortably won their Nations League group, the challenge of this higher level of competition presents a tough task. Advancing from the group would be a considerable achievement.
  1. Guadeloupe:
  • World Ranking: N/A
  • Best Performance: Semifinals (2007)
  • Overview: Guadeloupe qualified for the finals with solid wins in the qualification phase. However, the increase in opposition quality will pose a significant challenge. A tough tournament awaits, and an early exit after the group stage is likely.

CONCACAF Gold Cup Sport Best Bet: United States to Win (+200):

The USMNT’s recent victories over Mexico and Canada in the Nations League have solidified their status as strong contenders in the Gold Cup. Despite a roster shakeup, the depth and confidence of the United States team make them hard to beat. With their favorable odds, betting on the

USMNT to win the tournament is a solid bet.


The CONCACAF Gold Cup 2023 promises exciting football action as teams battle for regional supremacy. While Mexico and the United States remain the favorites, there is always room for surprises and upsets in this tournament. As you consider your betting options, keep in mind the team previews, performances, and our best bet recommendation. Enjoy the tournament and may your bets be successful!

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