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Top Q&A for Parlay in Betting – Answers by Best Bet expert.

What Is a Parlay?

A parlay is a sports betting type, being a combination bet or multi-leg bet that is in a single wager. Together the two or more individual wagers are linked and dependent on all of the wager legs winning. Why Parlay? Well, the attractiveness is that parlay betting shows considerably higher payouts than individually placed bets.

The reason for this is simple, it is more difficult cashing all of them. As, if any of the bet legs in the parlay lose, then you lose the entire parlay. One leg loses, you lose simply. Therefore the online sportsbook will give you bigger odds. With odds increasing for bigger payouts for adding more and more games and risk to your parlay. Each leg adds an extra difficulty the wager. Remember bigger pay out BUT one loses they all lose.

Example: So if you think that both the Packers (+4) and 49s (-6) will cover the spread on any game. Instead of risking $10 to individually bet on them, and winning just under $19. You could choose a Parlay bet instead – join them together and risk $10 for a payout of about 2.65-times your sports bet or $26.50. Not a bad return if they get the win.

Example NFL Best Parlay Pick for a $10 Wager:

  • Both teams cover the spread: Win ($26.50)
  • Packers cover, 49s do not: Loss (-$10)
  • Ravens cover, Packers do not: Loss (-$10)
  • Both Packers and 49s teams do not cover: Loss ($-10)

As you can see, the only way to win is for both teams to cover the spread. However, you are not penalized any further if neither bet wins, rather than losing just one bet. Instead, the wager is considered a loss as soon as one leg of your Parlay loses. One leg loses all losses.

Parlays can also consist of more than two teams, and often do with the same rules applying. It is not uncommon for the Best Bet experts to select the same game, multi-game or multi-sport 3-4 leg parlays, 5 leg parlays and even mega multi-sport parlays with 10 legs. Remember, although the bigger odds look very attractive! However, as you increase the bet legs of the parlay (difficulty) that if one leg loses you lose the entire bet.

How to Make the Best Parlay Bet Today

Making a parlay bet is easy at a top online sportsbook like FanDuel, BetMGM or WynnBet. You can message us on Messenger Chat for the best bonus offers in your region.

  • First, get the Best parlay picks for free
  • Second, simply select your prefered sport.
  • Select two or more games to bet on.
  • Head to your Bet Slip on the right and click “Parlay.”
  • Some online sportsbooks won’t even make you take this step, as they will list the parlay right below or above the single bets to encourage you to Parlay in Betting.
  • Check your FREE Sports Picks and Parlays from the Best Bet expert – Enter your bet amount and submit.
  • Good luck punting!

How Do I Calculate a Payout for Parlay in Betting?

Every online sportsbook will calculate potential parlay winnings for you. So really you do not need to do the maths yourself. However, if you want to do it yourself, or get an idea before checking the bookies’ odds. Then we suggest using a good online odds converter. We will upload our new Parlay odds converter shortly. So check back with us in a few weeks.

Should You Parlay Bet Today?

Probably not? If you go off the pure maths. As the numbers appear like it is not a good idea to parlays. While the payouts are certainly appealing, they’re not as high as they could be given the true chances of a parlay bet winning. This is down to the Vig or margin being for Parlay in Betting. However, if you are like us, you do not really care!

There’s something to be said for giving up a little edge or margin in return for the fun and enjoyment riding home a good parlay. Parlaying should never be seen as a long-term money-making strategy. Because it isn’t, but responsibly wagering a few bucks on carefully selected FREE Picks and Parlay predictions each week can provide plenty of thrills and entertainment.

At USA Best Bet, we love to parlay

At USA Best Bet site, we love a good parlay bet and our experts bring loads of these home at great rates for our valued premium members. So for the average Joe punter, Parlay is not a great strategy but with our expert Parlays predictions it can provide some super winnings.

Love to Parlay in Betting – definitely get on board the Best Bet expert Picks and Parlays and get ready to power up that bankroll. Picks are 100% FREE – join today, as the experts are on fire with parlays covering all major sports NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL Parlays. Membership is FREE whilst spots remain – hurry though they are filling fast.

What Sports Can You Parlay in Betting?

Most would be the quick answer. Sportsbooks get a healthy margin on these bets. So they make it very easy to place wagers. Choose from the same sport, same game, multi-sport cross over and other betting lines and action. If you can bet on it, you most likely Parlay in Betting on it in USA wagering. Football, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball and College Sports are all very popular for Parlay picks.

Sports Parlay Picks For Free

The Best Bet experts cover the same markets that Sportsbook sites do. With expert predictions for NHL Hockey Parlay, NFL Football Parlay, NBA Basketball Parlay, MLB Baseball Parlay, NCAA Football and NCAA Basketball plus many more sports events. It is quite common for sports sites to accept bets on these sports too; MMA, UFC, Golf, Tennis, Soccer (World Football), F1, Nascar and many many more sports.

The expert team release FREE Parlay Picks for today every Friday and weekend, plus special BEST BET alerts.

Which are the Best Sportsbook Sites for Parlay in Betting?

Best Sportsbook Betting Sites Online in USA.

The best sportsbook sites for Parlays are partners of USA Best Bet. We have hand-selected the very best to partner for our members. These have been trialled, reviewed by experts and punters to be the best. Which ones are best? depends on your geolocation and which sport you want to Parlay on.

When you sign up to become a USA Best Bet member as part of our service, we will assess your online and mobile sports betting preference, needs and play match-maker for the top sportsbook to suit your circumstances. And give you a healthy little sign up bonus that will be the best bonus offer going round. This will all provide you the best sports betting experience and outcome online today.

What Sports for Parlay Picks for Free?

NFL parlay picks

We have expert free NFL parlay picks today. And also for each and every week of the season. Selected from the most popular NFL betting lines and spreads. With picks against the spread (ATS), Moneyline and Over Under Picks, Prop Bet and the Total. Check out NFL Football latest NFL parlay picks for today.

NBA parlay picks

With the NBA season in full swing leading into the playoffs and national basketball association championship rounds, we have expert free NBA parlay picks today and nearly every day of the rest of the NBA season. Again from the most popular NBA betting markets – picks against the spread, money line and over/under the total betting lines. Latest NBA parlay picks for today. Members picks are sent daily direct to the inbox or you can check out todays best Parlay bet now.

NHL parlay picks

NHL hockey is highly popular for parlay betting because of the various markets you can parlay and many games on the weekend, it is great to extend your fun and enjoyment across a few game parlay or even double up or triple up on the same game parlay as we did today at the time of writing this article. In this parlay, we had a puck line selection, the money line, and totals bet which are all perfect for parlay bets. Get the latest hockey betting news and NHL parlay picks from experts. NHL also often features heavily in our Friday Best Bet Today, NHL Parlay and also our cross sports mega parlay picks. If you love hockey and betting, then NHL Parlays could be a perfect match for your wagering.

MLB parlay picks

MLB money line parlays are the clear favorite betting line for MLB Parlay betting, probably due to the game odds for Moneyline. The underdog and favorite are often closely priced so the returns are often large which you scale up your bet with multi-team leg Parlay. Click here for our latest MLB parlay picks. The Best Bet team have been on fire in the 2021 MLB Parlay season, so get on board now and do not miss the next home run pick from the best MLB parlay bet experts. Best Bet Blog on Friday has a FREE MLB Pick and Parlay for all non-members.

NCAA parlay picks

College Football and College Basketball are huge opportunities for Parlay Betting Picks, as the experts can find out info that ave joe punter can not and give us the edge to win well on college sports parlays. So it is not just the professional sporting for expert free parlay picks. College Picks free for all your parlay action. Check out the NCAA parlay picks page for all the college football and college basketball pick action. 

Sports parlay picks for free – USA best bet.

How can I get the best Parlay in Betting picks?

Yes, you can get weekly FREE Picks and Parlay which are published every Friday and Saturday in the Best Bet Today – Free Picks and Parlay edition. These best bet expert FREE Parlay Picks provides extended fun and enjoyment throughout the weekend for all bettors. Get Daily Blog.

Best Bet Today team specialize in Parlay Picks.

The team specialise in these bigger paying Parlay bets and are always on the lookout for great wagering opportunities. However they happen so quickly sometimes and therefore they are not published in the Best Parlay Bet Today Blog, are they are sent out directly to members as “Best Bet Parlay Pick Alerts”. We do this for all our best sports betting picks to provide the best service to members.

Members receive Best Bet for Today alerts – this may include Picks and Parlay, ATS, Moneyline, Over/Under, Prop Bets whatever the experts identify as the best of the best wagering opportunity for the day. If you want the best Parlay bet picks today and every day. Or even just access to more Parlay Bet Picks for 2021 then you should subscribe now.

Are Parlay Picks for FREE as good as paid Parlay Picks?

Yes, absolutely Sports Picks for free are fact, proven to be much better than Handicapper subscriptions. Why, because if you have $100 to bet and you spent half of that on buying sports picks! After that, you need twice as many winners to break even versus FREE Expert Picks.

Paid Subscriptions can kill your wagering ROI

So if both betting pick sites have expert pick analysts with good records, then you have effectively halved your betting return on investment or ROI. FREE expert picks are every bit as good as some (many) overpriced subscription services.

The USA Best Bet experts are just that at the top of their wagering game. Correctly predicting more sports picks that win than the majority of experts – paid and FREE Picks. The USA Best Bet experts are FREE. However, that does not reduce the quality of the picks which is proven to succeed over time.

So it would make sense to join, try the daily FREE Sports Picks, try the Parlay, Against the Spread Picks and other Best Bet Today Picks like Moneyline and Over Under.

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Best Bet and Free Picks by Experts for Today

The most popular number of teams (or legs) is 2 team parlay pick and 3 team parlay picks – these are often covered by the best bet experts predictions. Best Parlay Bets for today – including for 1-2-3 or 4 leg parlays.

The best Parlay bet today report usually has a parlay pick or two for the big US sports like NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA and NCAA. Additionally a few times a week including Fridays, we offer a Multi-Game, Multi-Sport Pick, which can pay big money as the expert looks for the best bet value across the table.

And also some of the bigger mega parlays picks. Like 4 team parlay combination or 6 team parlay picks which are becoming increasingly popular bets. Also, our Best Bet Mega Picks and challenges. Happen about once per month. These are an exceptionally fun and well followed 10 team parlay combination (10-leg Mega Parlay)

How many legs or teams for a Parlay in Betting?

The simple answer is as many as the sportsbook will allow and normally they let you take loads! Because with each leg or team or individual bet added they increase their margin and chances of winning the bet and your chances decrease HOWEVER the potential payouts big bigger.

Legs of 2 Team parlay, 3 team Parlay, 4 team parlay combinations are all very popular. For the simple reason they have more chance to win. As more and more options become available we are seeing a surge in same game multi-bet parlays. This is where punters bet on the same game with Moneyline or ATS and double up or triple up with Player Prop Bet and Over Under betting line options.

Hit that home run parlay

If you love a wager on a long shot, then enter the Mega 10 team parlay bet challenges. These are held about once a month or so. Hot tip! take all the FREE Moneyline picks on MLB games. Then tie them up in a 4 team parlay combination or even 10 team parlay combo! Now that would pay well and give you a great day or weekend viewing! With up to 15 games on any MLB day and a long baseball season, betting parlays could be worth a few bucks. Try and hit that home run parlay.

At the time of writing the Best Bet experts had hit 4 home from 7 picks in the last week! At a profit of over $4,000.

13/5/2021 Best Parlay Bet Expert

Of course, you could use the same strategy with any of your fave sports. Whether is is the NHL, NFL, NBA, MBL or College games. As we have Best Bets for today on each of these daily FREE sports picks are usually at the Moneyline, ATS, Over Under predictions.

Super six Parlay Picks – 6 Team Leg Parlay of the day

A Pick 6 Parlay has become increasingly more popular to follow multi games over a week or weekend on TV. Due to the broadcast promoting Pick 6 Football and these 6 leg Picks and Parlay odds. And sportsbooks having Best Bet bonus for parlay 6 picks.

What is Super 6 Team Pick Football

This is a type of parlay pick, that is shown on Fox Sports to engage viewers. It is also a popular 6 leg – 6 teams NFL Parlay Bet today. Fox use the 6 Pick format to promote one day NFL viewing. Where you need to select six winners today to win a daily cash prize.

TV Fox Sports Parlay Pick Challenge is a thrill but cash is king

However, it could just as easily be a parlay picks across six individual bets on 1 to 6 games of NFL Football. On a day or a week or for that matter any sports event that the sportsbook is covering. Truth be known other than the enjoyment of watching your picks perform on TV. And potentially the thrill of winning a Fox Sports challenge. If you successfully picked six winners then you would have been far better off wagering a 6 team parlay bet.

What type of wagers can be in a Parlay Bet?

Are Parlay is a series of bets that come together to form a single wager. The types of US wagering markets you can Parlay include Moneyline, Against the Spread Picks (ATS or Run Line for MLB ATS Picks), Betting Line for Totals Over Under, Prop Bets for team and player and other bets that a particular bookmaker may make available. The most featured picks are probably Moneyline, ATS and Over/Under Totals with Player Prop Bets.

Same Game Parlay

Often the same game Parlay with multi-bet / wager may include all 3 or four of these for the same game. For instance, in MLB you may the Total Runs, ATS and a player prop for a home run or pitching strikes. There are many ways you can bet and package them all up into a single game parlay that can extend the interest and fun of watching the game. You can bet on the same game for NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and NCAA almost daily with the Best Parlay Bet picks for today.

Moneyline, ATS and Prop Bet all in the same game 3 leg Parlay

However, remember it is harder to predict multiple selections in a single wager (Parlay). So consider getting expert FREE Pick help. Because when they land you can win big. And this is the beauty and attraction of Parlay Bets for many punters in our community.

Moneyline Parlays – What are they?

Money line parlays do not use fixed odds because the odds of winning vary greatly from team to team. While an ATS parlay assumes the punter has a 50-50 chance for each selected team of winning because the Books have set it up to perform that way. Whereas Moneyline parlays do not have the same chance, if you like to pick ATS is like a handicap system, the sportsbooks have evened up the wagering to potentially give both sides of the bet an equal chance.

Team with a star pitcher is almost certain to beat a lower-ranked team

However, with the MLB Moneyline, this is not the case, because teams have more skill than another team and so head to head or at the Moneyline is not a 50/50 contest. For example in MLB – the chances of a good MLB baseball team with a star pitcher is almost certain to beat a low ranked opponent, Therefore the odds are going to be greater than 50 per cent and the payout if the parlay hits will reflect this in the Moneyline.

So to put it in simple wagering terms. Moneyline parlays take the amount of your bet and place all of the money on one team and if that team wins, the wager is recalculated on your odds of the next team, again placing your entire wager on that team.

Obviously, if you lose one leg of a Parlay you lose the lot!

  • For instance, in the MLB example, if a bettor likes the Los Angeles Dodgers +160 and the Chicago Cubs -130. If the bettor places a $10 wager. They essentially have a $10 bet on the Dodgers +160, which will return $26 should the Dodgers win.
  • Then for Leg 2 of the Parlay would have $26 on the Cubs -130. Should the Cubs also prevail, then the bettor has turned a $10 wager into a $46 WIN?
  • Compare the $36 profit with the $26 win a bettor with a $10 point spread parlay on the same two teams. The difference in the payoff is because the Dodgers were not given very good odds of winning BUT as part of Parlay Picks the payout is improved.

Over Under Picks Parlay

Over/Under, or Totals, wagers are very common in parlays. They allow you to make multiple bets on the same game or multi games or even multiple sports. The best bet strategy is to pick the team you think will win. Select either the Moneyline or ATS, then parlay that selection with an “under” or “over” total score bet. As a third leg, of your same game parlay, bet you can look at the star player prop market.

A best Parlay bet strategy tip – look for a MLB pitching ace in a hot streak

This can be part of a great wagering strategy having an MLB pitching ace in a hot streak. It provides a great base bet for your same game parlay. And likewise, an NBA offensive titans on the court. An NFL or College quarterback in full flight is just some tips for an Over-Under parlay pick plays. You could also add a third leg like MLB Player x to hit Home Run or NFL Touchdown etc…

The odds get bigger and more attractive as legs go up… but so does the risk!

Really, the options are endless. The odds get bigger and more attractive (our fave words in betting) as the legs go up. HOWEVER, you would do well to remember so does the difficulty in selecting winners! That is where the USA Best Bet expert team can help you like we do thousands of others every day.

We specialise in providing the best Picks and Parlay bets, and it is free to join now. Once you do, you will never miss out on another Over Under betting pick opportunity. As we deliver picks right to your inbox today and each day of 2021 when you become a member.

How to Calculate Parlay Odds

Below is a Parlay example. A good example of traditional odds at sportsbook sites for up to a 10 leg or team parlay. It is based on standard -110 odds. Which you’ll get for spread bet types like ATS or Against the Spread. And in betting lines like Over Under Totals Markets, for a $100 wager.

While the odds of each sportsbook and betting markets may vary from site to site. It will not vary significantly, as the US wagering market is highly competitive. So the actual payout detailed below is likely to be slightly different but not much for that $100 wager.

Parlay Odds Example Table;

Number of Parlay Teams or LegsOddsAmount wonPayout
2 Team Parlay Leg2.6 to 1$260$360
3 Team Parlay Leg6 to 1$600$700
4 Team Parlay Leg11 to 1$1,100$1,200
5 Team Parlay leg22 to 1$2,200$2,300
Super 6 Team Parlay Leg45 to 1$4,500$4,600
7 Team Parlay Leg90 to 1$9,000$9,100
8 Team Parlay Leg180 to 1$18,000$18,100
9 Team Parlay Leg360 to 1$36,000$36,100
Mega 10 Team Parlay Leg720 to 1$72,000$72,100
Calculator for Parlay Bets

Moneyline Parlay Odds

These Moneyline Odds are different as we described above section. There is a greater change in the market of individual wager selections, as the handicap is applied. So you now have to multiple the individual odds of the Moneyline selections to find the parlay odds. You can get a parlay calculator online and it is also easier to calculate or use decimal wagering odds.

For this example; a three-team parlay with each selection at odds of 3.0 would be calculated by 3.0 x 3.0 x 3.0 for 27.0 or 27-1 parlay odds.

Parlay Odds Calculator

To make calculating Parlays so much simpler. We have a calculator in development, showing you how to calculate parlay odds. A far simpler way without doing the maths manually and how it changes with all the relevant wagering line types. Also, will give you all the odds calculations on; 2 leg parlay, 3 team leg parlays and up to 10 or even 20 legs pick parlays if you wish. This dynamic odds system will move in real-time with the live betting lines simplifying the odds calculations. Betting site comparison tools, to check Parlay bet lines and odds. This exciting Best Bet Parlay Odds development is Coming Soon.

Ask The Best Parlay Bet Experts

How to get Parlay Picks for FREE?

The Best Bet experts specialise in Picks and Parlay in Betting. These are some of our expert’s top bets and moneymakers along with against the spread betting picks. Both of these are currently 100% FREE to members in the premium membership (At the time of writing – whilst spots last for a limited time only).

You can open Messenger to claim your free spot now. Use the code word “WIN MORE”. After that, you are entitled to get today FREE Sports Picks and Parlays from the Best Bet experts for all of 2021. These are delivered directly to your inbox. No credit card required. We do also have FREE Picks and Parlays feature in our Friday and Saturday edition. However, these are not all our Parlay picks and generally not the expert 5-star bets, as they are reserved for our loyal betting community members.

Parlay definition?

parlayaccumulator (or Acca), combo bet or multi is a single bet that links together two or more individual wagers and is dependent on all of those wagers winning together. The benefit of the parlay is that there are much higher payoffs than placing each individual bet separately since the difficulty of hitting all of them is much higher. If any of the bets in the parlay lose, the entire parlay loses. If any of the plays in the parlay ties, or “pushes”, the parlay reverts to a lower number of teams with the odds reducing accordingly.


  1. turn an initial stake or winnings from a previous bet into (a greater amount) by gambling.”it involved parlaying a small bankroll into big winnings”


  1. a cumulative series of bets in which winnings accruing from each transaction are used as a stake for a further bet.

This is an extract from Definition of Parlay by Merriam-Webster

What are parlays in betting?

A parlay bet is one of the most popular forms of sports betting in the USA. It is also called a Multi in Australia and Acca in the UK/Europe. But basically, they are the same thing with different names. A parlay in betting is simply a sports bet or wager that combines multiple straight bet wagers on one ticket.

Usually, you would look to pool straight-up bets with spreads and totals. However, you can have multiple versions of the same bet as long as it’s on different games.

So what’s great about Parlays in Betting is that sports punters can bet on two or more point Spread Bets, ATS, Over/Under Totals Bets or Moneyline Bets looking to earn a higher payout on picks they think have a good chance of success.

If all of your predicted betting picks do win – then you win more money than as opposed to if you are making a single wager on each predicted bet outcome. You can bet on the same game with some online sportsbooks, multi-game and multi-sport. Each Friday we publish in the Best Bet Blog our free pick and parlay that is mega 4-6 leg multi-sport, multi-leg Parlay in Betting prediction. These are Best Parlay Bet Today fave and have performed exceptionally well over the journey and provide our member bettors exciting enjoyment and punting fun for the whole weekend and often coming home with the chocolates or getting a great run for the few bucks invested.

How to use experts Best Parlay Picks to place a Parlay wager today?

Open Messenger to get your free subscription to USA Best Bet. You will then receive full unrestricted access to the best Picks and Parlay in Betting for all your fave US sports including;

NFL Parlay Picks

NBA Picks and Parlay

MLB Parlay Picks by experts

NHL Parlay Bet Picks

NCAA College Basketball and NCAAF Football predictions.

There is the same game, multi-game and cross-sport multi-game mega picks and parlays free to members.

Once you have your FREE Picks and Parlays which are also published every Friday and Saturday.

After that simply, access the best sportsbook site we have selected to suit your wagering needs. This will vary according to your region and the sport you wish to bet on. As some platforms, betting apps and sites are better suited to Parlay betting than others and some sites are better for MLB Betting and some other different sites for NFL or NBA or NHL Hockey parlay betting

Does Picks and Parlay team offer a 2 team Parlay Bet?

Yes we do and 3 legs which often are featured in daily Parlay of the day picks, along with Mega Parlay Picks such as 4 leg parlay betting combinatios, 5 team and 6 legs all the way up to 10 leg Picks and Parlay Challenges. We have the same game Parlay, Multi-Game Parlay Picks, and Cross Sports Picks and Parlays – so whatever your Parlay wish our expert Parlay picks have you covered. NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Parlays we have all the picks of the day to satisfy your wagers on Parlays today.

What about Parlay picks with 3 teams?

Yes, we have those too and 4 legs parlay combinations, 6 pick legs and Mega Picks and Parlay challenges upto 10 legs deep for a great run at the big win.

How about Best Parlay Bet Picks for 4 team combinations?

We have 4 legs combinations featured with the best Parlay Picks of the day. As well as our 2 legs all the way up to the Best Bet Today teams expert 10 leg Mega Picks and Parlay challenges at the USA Best Bet site. As we specialise in Picks and Parlay bet today that win more.

Can I do a 5 team Parlay?

Yes you can on either the same sport or different sport (or bet for that matter). Our expert parlay picks include all sorts of parlays. Message us to get the latest. Even better become a member and get them delivered direct to your inbox daily.

Is super six team Parlay picks for free?

The USA Best Bet team of experts have parlay picks that include all sports parlays. Message us to get the latest. Claim your member spot for FREE now and get them delivered directly to your inbox today and every day for 2023.

Is Mega 10 team parlay pick challenge?

There is and we do offer 10 team parlay picks. There is no set number of legs for a Mega Parlay Pick. However, it is restricted by what the sportsbook online will accept. Most have 10 teams parlay bet and odds options. We also run “Mega Parlay Pick” challenges with 10 legs about once a month. Register now and you can try to go from zero to hero with a mega parlay pick.

What site has the best parlay bet picks?

We are a bit cocky here maybe, but we honestly believe we do. USA Best Bet site and team specialize in Picks and Parlays for free. Our members win more often because of the best parlay bet pick selection strategy and expert insider knowledge.

Note – Most of the best parlay bet picks are for members only. HOWEVER memberships are 100% FREE. So if you love to Parlay bet as we do, you should jump on board. They are a lot of fun and you will win more and bigger when parlay betting on sport in the USA today.

How Does a Parlay Work in Sports?

What other parlay picks do you have?

In addition to the members-only Picks in the Best Bet Today report. Also have a USA Best Bet Blog with a daily selection of all the best free picks and parlay bets. This is across most major US Sports and special events like US Open, UFC, Olympic Games, World Cup Football etc..

Do you have expert parlay picks?

Yes, we certainly do. These are our best parlay bets, they perform far better than Joe Average down the local and are the premium version of our daily free sports picks. You can get these in the Best Bet Blog. Actually, all our picks and parlays are from the experts. Covering NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA and NCAA College Football and Basketball and many other sports.

Do you have free parlay picks for today?

Certainly do. Our premium members receive daily sports picks which often include FREE picks and parlays for US sports and we also publish the best Parlay bet picks in the Best Bet Blog editions on Friday and Saturday.

Why is a Parlay a popular sports wager?

Many punters love to Parlay in betting. It is the most popular with NFL and NBA. However Parlay Picks of the day is also one of the most popular in our MLB and NHL community as well.

I think due to the fact the Best Bet team specialize in providing the best Parlay in Betting Picks and once we expose our community to it, they get so much excitement and enjoyment from it – and when we hot them they pay big which is a great feeling.

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Does Parlay wagering make more money?

Parlays have bigger payouts. However, also bigger risk and harder to win. So bet responsibly, wager smart and use the best bet free experts picks and parlay recommendations. These are designed to help you choose you bets wisely.

Do You have a Sports Betting Guide for Parlays and Odds?

Not yet, but our Best Bet Experts are hard at work. Writing a solid Picks and Parlay Guide takes time. However, we will add to our How to Bet series with this popular bet. However, you should follow our blog it already has a lot of Parlay, Betting Odds, and Lines especially for beginners. Check out the Best Bet Blog for all the How to Bet on Sports Guides

Five Beginner Tips for Picks and Parlays

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Can I get a Parlay bet on any US Sport?

Yes, you can Parlay bet on just about every US sport, that has sports betting odds attached. The best sports betting online sites cover the big 4 sports, plus all the college football, college basketball and many of the other sporting events. Such as UFC, Boxing, Golf, Tennis, F1, Badminton and much much more.

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Parlay Meaning


Definition of parlay (Entry 2 of 2)a series of two or more bets so set up in advance that the original stake plus its winnings are risked on the successive wagers broadlythe fresh risking of an original stake together with its winnings. Parlay meaning according to Merriam Webster definition

how to calculate parlay odds

Check out the Parlay Calculation chart in the previous section. It will give you all the odds required to work out your parlay. However we do have a Parlay calculator in the works, with auto odd calcualtion on all the legs and sports for ease of comparison.

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