MLB Best Bet 08-19-2023: Expert Picks for this Monumental MLB Extravaganza

Welcome to USA Best Bet as we prepare you for an unprecedented and monumental Saturday baseball spectacle as the largest slate of the season unfolds, featuring a staggering 18 MLB games. The alteration of the schedule due to Hurricane Hilary has paved the way for an extensive lineup of thrilling matchups. Immerse yourself in the world of baseball expertise with our meticulously curated MLB best bet picks for today. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore our comprehensive MLB predictions, encompassing every aspect of today’s showdowns.

Amidst the Doubleheaders: Navigating the Unprecedented 18-Game Slate

Saturday’s MLB extravaganza transcends expectations with a colossal lineup of 18 games, driven by the rescheduling of three doubleheader clashes. Dive into the intricate tapestry of baseball excitement, fortified by our preferred pick for the day. Join us on a journey through the diamond, embracing the abundance of matchups.

Best Bets MLB Today: Pinnacle of Wisdom

MLB Pick: Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees
F3 Innings Under 2.5 (-110)

The storied rivalry between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees takes center stage, featuring Kutter Crawford on the mound for the Red Sox and Gerrit Cole as the Yankees’ anchor. A glaring truth underscores the Yankees’ predicament – Gerrit Cole’s Cy Young-worthy performance, which contrasts with the team’s struggles. With a remarkable 2.76 ERA and a 1.05 WHIP across 25 starts, Cole stands as a defensive stronghold for the Yankees. Post-All-Star break, Cole has exhibited dominance, boasting a .181 batting average against and a remarkable 29% strikeout rate. His main challenge may arise from Raffy Devers, a potent adversary with a history of success against Cole, hitting 10 times and sending seven of those hits over the fence. However, aside from Devers’ prowess, Cole exhibits the potential to navigate the initial 3 innings unscathed, with a 2.76 ERA and an impressive 28.7% strikeout rate during innings 1-3.

Crawford, an unexpected standout for the Red Sox, has secured his spot in the rotation after initial turbulence. Sporting a 3.80 ERA and a 3.60 xERA in 90 innings, Crawford faces the Yankees for the first time this season. Notably, Crawford thrives on the road, showcasing a 2.13 ERA and holding hitters to a .209 average. The Yankees have grappled with right-handed pitching in August, boasting an 83 wRC+ and a 25.5% strikeout rate. With Crawford’s favorable road form and the Yankees’ offensive struggles, the stage is set for a low-scoring contest. Embracing the compelling starting pitching showdown, our preference leans toward the under for the first 3 innings.

MLB Picks Saturday 8/19: Navigating NRFI & YRFI

MLB Pick: Tampa Bay Rays vs. Los Angeles Angels
NRFI (-120)

Tyler Glasnow’s triumphant return heralds his mastery of the first inning. As Tampa Bay’s ace, Glasnow showcases a 3.01 ERA, a 1.07 WHIP, and an ability to stymie hitters to a .223 xBA across 13 starts. Glasnow’s prowess shines particularly in the first inning, where he has silenced opponents in 12 of 13 starts, limiting hitters to a .136 average, a .225 on-base percentage, and an impressive 43.2% strikeout rate. Shohei Ohtani presents a formidable challenge, yet Glasnow’s dominion could curtail Ohtani’s impact.

Chase Silseth, a testament to the Angels’ early promotions, embodies promise. Despite limited MLB exposure, Silseth has flourished this season, boasting a 3.27 ERA, a .221 xBA, and a 26.7% strikeout rate across 41.1 innings. Silseth’s resilience in the first inning is evident, with only one run conceded in five starts. These attributes align favorably against a Rays lineup anchored by Glasnow, setting the stage for a scoreless opening inning.

MLB Pick: Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees: NRFI (-115)

The timeless rivalry and the pitching matchup converge to enhance NRFI prospects. The under trend reverberates in Boston-New York duels, with 7 of the last 9 games staying below the total. Given the Yankees’ offensive struggles, combined with Crawford’s resilience, a scoreless opening inning appears plausible.

MLB Pick: San Francisco Giants vs. Atlanta Braves: YRFI (-140)

Envision an explosive Braves lineup poised for offensive brilliance. The Braves reign supreme with the MLB’s highest batting average, home runs, RBIs, runs scored, OBP, slugging, and OPS. Facing Logan Webb, the Braves seize a promising opportunity. Similarly, the Giants’ encounter with Yonny Chirinos ignites the potential for a productive first inning.

Prop MLB Bets: Unearthing Strategic Parallels

MLB Pick: Chicago Cubs ML + Team Total Over 3.5 Runs (-135)

The Chicago Cubs beckon as an appealing choice, powered by Cody Bellinger’s prowess. Amid their recent success, the Cubs boast a second-ranking wOBA and SLG over the last 30 days, boasting a 136 wRC+ against right-handed pitching. Brady Singer, the Royals’ starter, grapples with a challenging season, particularly on the road with a 6.52 ERA. The Cubs capitalize on their affinity for fly balls, amplified by the winds at Wrigley Field, confronting an inconsistent Royals bullpen to bolster their cause.

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