MLB Best Bets Today 08-17-2023: Expert Glimpse of Sports Action Picks

USA Best Bet witnesses a day of intriguing sports offerings, where MLB games occupy a smaller slice of the pie, but provides big opportunity in the diamond today. Join us in your quest for a bet better experience!

Revisiting Last Night’s Highlights

Braves March Onward

In an unstoppable surge, the Braves continue to defy opposition. Following their 2-0 triumph over the Yankees on Wednesday, the Braves carve a path to a division lead of 12.5 games and draw close to the 80-win mark. The season’s projected win tally stands at an impressive 106, bolstering their odds to secure the World Series at +290. Across the league, the Nationals stunned the Red Sox with a 6-2 upset, while the Astros dominated the Marlins 12-5, and the A’s left the Cardinals scoreless in an 8-0 victory.

MLB Picks Today: A Modest 6-Game MLB Slate

Thursday deviates from the norm, offering a concise MLB slate comprising merely 6 games. The day’s schedule commences at 2:10 pm ET in Kansas City, presenting a unique opportunity to uncover value within these limited matchups. Explore an array of MLB picks tailored for today’s engagements.

Stat of the Day

Following the Braves’ 2-0 victory over the Yankees on Wednesday, the Yankees find themselves below the .500 threshold for the first time at this stage of the season since September 5, 1995.

Embarking on Today’s Best Bet

MLB Pick: Boston Red Sox -1.5 over Washington Nationals (-120) – 4:05 pm ET, MASN

The stage is set for a compelling clash between the Boston Red Sox and the Washington Nationals. Chris Sale’s remarkable return to form after overcoming a shoulder injury adds a layer of intrigue to the matchup. Sale’s recent outing against the Royals saw him venture deep into the game, allowing just one hit through the 5th inning before conceding a home run. The lefty demonstrated his dominance with 7 strikeouts and zero walks, mirroring his prime prowess. The Red Sox’s aspirations of a postseason push and a Wild Card spot hinge upon triumphs in games of this caliber.

On the opposing side, Patrick Corbin’s fortunes stand on fragile ground. Despite a veneer of fortune, Corbin’s underlying metrics paint a starkly different picture. A 6.42 xERA and 5.24 WHIP underscore his tenuous grip. Corbin’s performance metrics, including a 1st percentile xBA and 2nd percentile xSLG, evoke skepticism. With the return of Trevor Story, the Red Sox are poised to wrest Corbin back into reality. An intriguing battle unfolds, presenting an opportunity for the Red Sox to assert their dominance.

Exploring MLB YRFI & NRFI Best Bets

As the stage awaits us with a compact 6-game slate, consider exploring the YRFI and NRFI markets for betting value. Embrace a strategic approach that focuses on the opening inning, promising a condensed timeframe for betting success. Explore the possibilities within today’s matchups and elevate your betting journey.

MLB Pick_Boston Red Sox vs Washington Nationals: YRFI (-125)

A duel between Patrick Corbin and Chris Sale awaits, as the Nationals and Red Sox take center stage. Despite Corbin’s improved metrics, a clear disparity lingers from past years. With a 4.85 ERA and 1.50 WHIP, Corbin faces an uphill battle. In contrast, the Red Sox, renowned for their hard-hitting prowess, hold the potential to exploit Corbin’s vulnerabilities. The expectation of early success looms, even in the face of Sale’s presence. Sale’s resurgence against the Tigers fuels optimism, yet the Nationals’ resilience against lefties injects intrigue. Anticipate early runs in a compelling opening.

MLB Pick_New York Mets vs St. Louis Cardinals: YRFI (-155)

Surprising as it may seem, the Mets emerge as contenders for early runs in this matchup. Amidst a rebuilding phase, the Mets showcase newfound vigor with 3 wins in their last 4 games, averaging 6.5 runs. A resurgent top order, featuring Brandon Nimmo, Francisco Lindor, and Jeff McNeil, breathes life into the Mets’ offensive dynamics. Adam Wainwright’s struggles, embodied by a career-worst 8.78 ERA, provide a promising backdrop for the Mets’ endeavors. Wainwright’s recent outings underscore his vulnerability, positioning the Mets for an early offensive surge. Embrace the Mets’ resurgence and anticipate a lively opening.

Diving into Player Prop Bets

Embrace the allure of player prop bets, where buy-low opportunities beckon. Explore a player prop bet laden with potential, offering insights into Diamondbacks’ dynamics.

Same Game MLB Parlay: Corbin Carroll Hit & Zac Gallen 4+ Strikeouts (-140)

The Diamondbacks, amid a challenging phase, present a favorable backdrop for Corbin Carroll and Zac Gallen to shine. Carroll despite recent setbacks, maintains a potent record against left-handed pitchers. Facing Rich Hill, one of the league’s struggling lefties, Carroll seeks to capitalize on this opportunity. As for Gallen, his reputation as the Arizona ace adds weight to the equation. With an inclination towards securing early strikeouts, Gallen’s mastery of curveballs aligns with the Padres’ vulnerabilities. A 2-leg same-game parlay unveils a tapestry of potential, brimming with discounted value.

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