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MLB Picks for Free 03-31-2023: Expert Parlay Pick

USA Best Bet FREE Picks and Parlay by MLB Betting Experts for today
MLB Picks for Free: Expert Parlay 03-31-2023 USA Best Bet

After the opening day last night 2023, the MLB season is now in full swing, with top teams like Astros, Padres, Dodgers, Guardians, Mariners and so is the first USA Best Bet expert Edition: Free MLB Picks and Parlay for Friday night 03-31-2023. USA Best Bet expert specialists in providing free parlay picks. Tonight’s parlay has a Totals Over pick and two run line (ATS) picks for a massive MLB Parlay Play at +932 Odds! Making it an exciting night for expert MLB Parlay betting.

Analysis of 3 Leg MLB Parlay by USA Best Bet

Here is the breakdown of USA Best Bet’s free expert MLB picks and parlay for Friday 03-31-2023:

First Leg Free MLB Parlay Pick Today: Astros -1.5 (+135) v White Sox Astros -1.5 (+135)

Is the first MLB free pick in the parlay. With Cristian Javier on the mound. Who has been in incredible form in his last 7 starts, the Astros are expected to dominate White Sox.

Second Leg MLB Parlay Picks: Rockies vs Padres Over 8 (-110) Rockies vs Padres Over 8 (-110)

This is the second pick in the parlay. Both offenses are capable of producing high-scoring games. With Rockies’ Kyle Freeland struggling against Padres. And Padres’ Nick Martinez having poor preparation for the season, this is a favorable pick for over 8 runs.

Third Leg MLB Parlay Picks: Dodgers -1.5 (+130) v Diamondbacks Dodgers -1.5 (+130) is the final pick in the parlay.

Despite the questions surrounding Dustin May’s return from injury. The Dodgers have a strong offense led by Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman. The Diamondbacks’ Merill Kelly struggled against the Dodgers last season. Making this a good opportunity for the Dodgers to cover the run line.

Expert MLB Picks and Parlay Conclusion 03-31-2023

This free expert MLB parlay picks by USA Best Bet has +932 odds. With 2 favorites on the MLB run line and a Totals Overs betting play. With Astros and Dodgers asserting their dominance early in the season, this could be a profitable bet for MLB bettors.

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Today’s Free MLB Picks and Parlays for Today 03-31-2023

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Understanding MLB ATS Picks

An MLB ATS (Against the Spread) pick is a type of bet that involves predicting whether a team will win or lose by a specific margin of runs. When making an ATS pick, the bettor takes into account not only which team will win but also by how many runs.

How do MLB ATS Picks work?

For example, let’s say the Los Angeles Dodgers are playing the San Francisco Giants and the Dodgers are favored to win by -1.5 runs. If a bettor places an ATS bet on the Dodgers, they would need the Dodgers to win by at least two runs for the bet to be a winning one. Conversely, if a bettor places an ATS bet on the Giants, they would need the Giants to either win the game outright or lose by no more than one run.

Why use MLB ATS Picks?

Using ATS picks in MLB betting can provide a more exciting and potentially profitable experience. Rather than just betting on which team will win, ATS picks allow bettors to be more precise in their predictions and can result in bigger payouts. Additionally, it can help balance out the odds and make for more competitive betting lines.

Are MLB Run Lines and ATS the Same Bet?

An ATS (Against the Spread) pick and Run Line are very similar, but they are not exactly the same thing. The Run Line is a type of ATS bet in baseball that involves betting on a team to win or lose by a specific number of runs.

For example, if the Run Line for a game is set at -1.5 runs for the favored team. That means the bettor would need the favored team to win by at least two runs in order for the bet to be a winning one. Conversely, if the bettor places a bet on the underdog with a Run Line of +1.5 runs. They then would need the underdog to either win the game outright. Or lose by no more than one run.

Both ATS and Run Lines Involve MLB Spread Betting

So, while both ATS picks and Run Lines involve betting on a specific margin of victory. The MLB Run Line is a specific type of ATS bet that is unique to baseball.

What is a MLB Parlay Pick

A MLB Parlay Pick is a type of bet that involves combining multiple individual bets into a single wager. Usually with the goal of increasing the potential payout. In order to win a parlay bet, all of the individual bets within the parlay must be correct.

For example, a bettor might place a parlay bet on three different MLB games. With each individual bet predicting the winner of each game. If all three individual bets are correct, the bettor would win the parlay bet. And receive a higher payout than if they had placed three separate bets. However, if one MLB bet loses, they all lose in a Parlay wager.

So Parlay bets are more risky, than straight individual bets included in the parlay. Each selection lowers the overall chances of a winning ticket. However, the potential payout can also be significantly higher, making parlay bets an exciting and appealing option for some MLB and sports bettors.

MLB Expert Picks and Parlay Selections

MLB Expert Picks and Parlay Selections by USA Best Bet is a service that provides expert analysis and recommendations for MLB betting. The free service includes a team of experienced bettors who use their knowledge of the sport, along with the latest betting trends and statistics, to offer free picks and parlay selections for MLB games.

The USA Best Bet team provides a variety of betting options, including moneyline, run line, totals, 5 innings, prop bets and parlay picks. Their parlay selections often combine multiple individual picks into a single wager, with the goal of increasing the potential payout for bettors.

By following the expert tips, picks, advice and parlay selections provided by USA Best Bet, bettors can increase their chances of making profitable MLB bets. The expert MLB pick and sports wagering service is available free to both seasoned bettors and newcomers to the world of online sports betting.

Free Baseball Pick

A free baseball pick is a prediction or recommendation on which team is likely to win a particular baseball game, provided by a sports betting expert or service free of charge. These picks are typically based on various factors such as team performance, player statistics, injuries, weather conditions, and other relevant factors that could impact the outcome of the game.

It’s important to note that while these picks can be helpful in guiding your betting decisions. They are not a guarantee of success and should always be used as part of a broader strategy that includes doing your own research and analysis. If you want the Best Bets in Baseball, check out USA Best Bet expert selections for today.

Expert Sports Picks For Free

In addition to the daily free expert reports and top wagering advice for MLB betting picks, lines and spreads. Including MLB Run Line picks against the spread (ATS), Moneyline, Totals Over Under Picks, 5 innings, Prop Bets and Parlays. USA Best Bet experts also supply free picks and parlays for a variety of major sports including but not limited to:

  1. Football (NFL, College Football)
  2. Basketball (NBA, College Basketball)
  3. Baseball (MLB)
  4. Hockey (NHL)
  5. Soccer (MLS, EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Champions League, UEFA, FIFA)
  6. Tennis (ATP, WTA)
  7. Golf (PGA, LPGA)
  8. Boxing and MMA (UFC)
  9. Horse Racing

The specific sports and events for which they provide picks and best bets may vary depending on the season and current events in the world of sports. However, they are well known and proven for providing expert analysis and recommendations for major sporting events throughout the year.

FREE sports picks and parlay in betting.

NFL Football Picks

NBA Basketball Picks

MLB Baseball Picks

NHL Hockey Picks

NCAA College Football and Basketball

UFC / Mixed Martial Arts


And both local and international World Football / Soccer.

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