NBA Best Bet Futures for the 2023-24 Season: Expert Picks

The 2022-23 NBA season provided plenty of excitement, but now it’s time to look ahead to the 2023-24 season. With the opening lines and odds for the NBA Finals already released, let’s dive into the current odds and share our impressions.

NBA Finals 2023-24 Betting Lines and Odds

Here are the odds available at Sportsbook at the time of publishing:

  • Denver Nuggets (+500)
  • Boston Celtics (+500)
  • Milwaukee Bucks (+650)
  • Phoenix Suns (+850)
  • Golden State Warriors (+1200)
  • Los Angeles Clippers (+1600)
  • Dallas Mavericks (+1900)
  • Miami Heat (+2000)
  • Memphis Grizzlies (+2100)
  • Cleveland Cavaliers (+2900)
  • New Orleans Pelicans (+4000)
  • Sacramento Kings (+5000)
  • Minnesota Timberwolves (+5000)

Among the top favorites, the Milwaukee Bucks stand out at their current price. Despite a coaching change, the Bucks still possess one of the league’s best players in Giannis Antetokounmpo and a supporting cast that includes All-Star caliber players. If they can continue to build around Giannis with shooters, they have the potential for a deep playoff run.

Best Early Bet for NBA Finals 2023-24: Sacramento Kings (+5000)

The Sacramento Kings opening at 50-1 odds is quite surprising, considering the significant progress they made this season. Past teams in a similar position, like the Golden State Warriors, followed a similar path before winning their first title. The Kings have a talented roster with a pair of All-NBA teammates and showcased one of the best offenses in NBA history last season.

Although the Kings were a wing piece away this season, they have the opportunity to upgrade their roster in the offseason. With the potential to form a formidable starting lineup and a bench consisting of quality role players, the Kings have the ability to surprise the league. In the Western Conference, outside of the Nuggets, the competition is wide open, and injuries will likely play a significant role in shaping the standings.

Despite being ranked as the 9th-best team in the Western Conference by sportsbooks, the Kings deserve more respect. As a young team on the rise, they gained valuable playoff experience and have the potential to shock the world in the upcoming season.

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