NBA Picks Free 04-25-2023: Expert Parlay Today

Best Bet and FREE Picks for Tuesday in NBA

Welcome to BNB Bet Club NBA Edition on 04-25-2023! It’s an exciting day in NBA Basketball with three crucial match-ups, and the Bucks are facing elimination. We have the best bet expert picks and a free parlay for today’s NBA games. But first, the pressure is on Milwaukee as the Miami Heat took a 3-1 lead in their series with a 119-114 home win on Monday. The Heat are favored at -152 to advance at, while the Bucks are available at +128 to mount a comeback and win the series 4-3. The Lakers are also up 3-1 in their series after an overtime win against the Grizzlies with a score of 117-111.

Tonight we have three Game 5s

Tonight, we have three Game 5s in the NBA postseason, with a team on the verge of clinching in each one. Our best bet for NBA basketball today sees the Hawks visit the Celtics at 7:30 pm ET on TNT. This is followed by Timberwolves vs Nuggets on NBA TV at 9:00 pm ET, and finally Clippers vs Suns at 10:00 pm ET on TNT which we have an exciting same-game parlay pick play. I hope you enjoy today’s NBA best bet and parlay picks.

Expert Clippers vs Suns Pick Upset?

Among the three elimination games on Tuesday, the Clippers vs Suns match-up has the biggest potential for an upset. Can the shorthanded Clippers survive, or will Kevin Durant and his team move on to the next round? Tip-off is at 10:00 pm ET on TNT, and I’ve prepared an NBA Same Game Parlay which you can find below.

NBA Best Bets & Free Picks For Today 04-25-2023

Best NBA Bet Pick for Today: Atlanta Hawks vs Boston Celtics – Game Totals Over 229.5 points

The Celtics have averaged 120.5 points through the first 4 games in this series while shooting 51% from the field and 42.2% from 3-point range. They averaged 46.4 points in the paint per game in the regular season but are averaging 58 paint points in their 3 wins. Atlanta’s defense has never been their strong suit, ranking 22nd in defensive rating to end the regular season and now 12th of 16 in the playoffs. The Celtics could flirt with 130 points again, which means the Hawks would only need to break 100 points, something they failed to do only 4 times throughout the regular season and playoffs.

The Celtics have been dominant in the series

The Celtics have been dominant in the series, scoring at will and averaging 120.5 points per game in the first four games. Their shooting has been on point, with a 51% field goal percentage and a scorching 42.2% from beyond the arc. Not only have they been lethal from outside, but they’ve also been efficient in the paint. Despite averaging 46.4 points in the paint during the regular season, they have managed to increase that to an impressive 58 paint points per game in their three wins against Atlanta.

On the defensive end, Atlanta has struggled

On the defensive end, Atlanta has struggled, ranking 22nd in defensive rating during the regular season and now 12th out of 16 teams in the playoffs. This could spell trouble for them as the Celtics have been able to exploit their defensive weaknesses. With the Celtics’ high-scoring offense, it’s possible they could even approach 130 points again in Game 5.

Even if Atlanta’s star player, Murray, is unable to play, their fast-paced style of play allows for quick and easy baskets. In fact, throughout the regular season and playoffs, Atlanta failed to break 100 points in only four games. This suggests that even without Murray, they could still put up enough points to potentially push the total score over 230.5 points, which is the currently available line at the time of publishing.

Best NBA Bet Pick for Today: Overall, considering the Celtics’ offensive firepower, Atlanta’s defensive struggles, and their fast-paced style of play, taking the over at 230.5 points could be a viable bet for Game 5 of the series.

Free NBA Picks and Parlay: NBA LA Clippers vs Phoenix Suns Same Game Parlay picks: Clippers live another day at +927 odds

As we gear up for another thrilling night of NBA action, the experts think LA Clippers vs Phoenix Suns matchup could present an opportunity for an upset. Despite being shorthanded, the Clippers have shown resilience throughout the series, and with Russell Westbrook leading the charge, they can never be counted out. My top free basketball picks for the Same Game NBA Parlay are as follows:

  • #1 Expert NBA Parlay Pick: LA Clippers ML (+610)
  • #2 Expert NBA Parlay Pick: Kevin Durant to score 25+ points (-240)
  • Expert NBA Parlay Pick: Same Game Parlay odds: +927

#1 Free NBA Picks and Parlay: LA Clippers Money Line (+610)

#1 Best Parlay Pick: LA Clippers Money Line (+610) Admittedly, this is a longshot bet, but the Clippers have the potential to pull off the upset. With Westbrook’s outstanding performance in the series, averaging 26 points, 7.5 rebounds, and 7.3 assists per game, the Clippers have a fighting chance. Although Kawhi Leonard is ruled out with a knee injury, the pressure is on the Suns to close out the series, and the Clippers could capitalize on that.

Expert NBA Pick and Parlay Comment: As 12-point underdogs, the Clippers have nothing to lose and everything to gain, making them a risky but intriguing pick for the Money Line.

#2 Free NBA Picks and Parlay: Kevin Durant to score 25+ points (-240)

Kevin Durant has a history of stepping up in elimination games, and tonight could be no different. Averaging 30.2 points per game in 14 elimination games, Durant has been a reliable scorer when it matters the most. With his lowest points output in the series being 25 points in Game 2, and no Kawhi Leonard or Paul George to guard him, Durant is expected to have a significant scoring impact for the Nets.

Expert NBA Pick and Parlay Comment: Despite the high odds at -240, this pick could be a relatively safe bet given Durant’s track record in elimination games.

Same Game NBA Picks and Parlay: Odds: +927

Combining the LA Clippers Money Line and Kevin Durant to Score 25+ Points picks in a Same Game Parlay offers a potential payout of +927, making it a high-risk, high-reward bet. While it may be a challenging parlay to hit, the Clippers’ resilience and Durant’s scoring prowess could make it a thrilling bet to follow during the game.

Expert NBA Picks and Parlay Conclusion:

The LA Clippers vs Phoenix Suns matchup presents an opportunity for an upset, and with Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant leading the charge, the Clippers Money Line and Durrant is a solid bet. – Claim Your Bonus Now!

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How To Win An NBA Parlay Bet Using Free Picks

Introduction: NBA Parlay bets can be challenging to win due to the frequent upsets in the NBA and the risk of losing the entire bet with just one incorrect selection. To increase your chances of winning an NBA parlay bet, it’s crucial to be selective with your picks and parlays. In this article, we will provide you with some tips on how to win an NBA parlay bet and maximize your profits.

Tip 1: Stick to 2, 3 or 4 Parlay Legs

The difficulty of winning a parlay increases with each selection you add. While the odds may also increase, it’s best to stick to 2, 3 or 4 team parlays to give yourself the best chance of seeing a profit over time. This way, you can minimize the risk of losing the entire bet with just one incorrect selection.

Tip 2: Combine Multiple Strong Favorites:

If you like a particular team to win, but the Moneyline odds are not favorable, you can combine them with other strong favorites to increase your potential payout. For example, if you like the Bucks to beat the Celtics, but their Moneyline odds are -250, you may not want to risk $250 to win a profit of $100. Instead, you can add a couple of other strong favorites, such as the Lakers and Clippers, both with -250 odds, to create a 3-team parlay. This way, you can potentially earn around +175 and $175 profit from a $100 wager, if all three teams win.

Tip 3: Shop Around for Odds:

Not all online sportsbooks have the same odds, and even a marginal difference in odds can significantly impact your potential payout. It’s essential to shop around and compare odds from different sportsbooks to find the best value for your parlay bets. For example, if you can find three picks at -200 each instead of -250, your potential payout would be $337.50 instead of $274.40 for a $100 stake, resulting in a higher profit.

Tip 4: Manage Your Bankroll Discipline with your bankroll is crucial for long-term success in NBA betting.

It’s essential to establish a consistent stake for your NBA parlay bets and manage your bankroll accordingly. For instance, if you place 3-team parlays with odds of around 6/1, you only need to win 1 in 7 parlays to break even. Any better than that would result in a profit. Proper bankroll management can help you minimize losses and maximize profits over the course of an NBA season.

How to Bet with Free NBA Picks and Parlay Picks:

Betting on NBA parlay picks is a straightforward process with most online sportsbooks. To place a wager on an NBA parlay, simply select basketball and then NBA from the available options. You will find the upcoming matches, and you can add all your parlay selections to the bet slip. Next, click on the parlay option on the bet slip, enter your stake, and click on place bet to confirm your wager. The bet slip will automatically calculate your parlay odds and potential payout, so you don’t have to calculate them yourself.

Unsure Where to Place Your NBA Parlay Bets?

If you’re unsure where to place your NBA parlay bets, you can check out our recommended Sportsbooks.

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How Do I Bet On An NBA Same Game Parlay is a champion in the Same Game Parlay US betting market, offering them on every NFL game each week and since expanding into other sports such as NBA. The NBA Same Game Parlay has become an increasingly popular bet type as you can have a bet solely based on the game you’re watching or the team you support, and with a chance of hitting a big win for smaller stakes. 

With the growing popularity, NBA same game parlays are now available at other sportsbooks such as KasinoBets under the names One Game Parlay, Multi Parlay or Single Game Parlay respectively. Different name, same concept.

To bet on an NBA Same Game Parlay

Simply head or and if you do not have an account at one of these sportsbooks? Click through to one of the links above, where you can find all of the need-to-know details including the best promo codes and free bets available in your state.

Sportsbooks page

Once on the sportsbooks page, click the NBA tab, which will display all of the matches available on site. Click on the match you want to wager on and you’ll see a Same Game Parlay tab, or the equivalent name, usually on the top navigation bar, clicking here will display the markets you can add to your NBA same game parlay.

Each selection you click will be added to your bet slip on the right side of the page, with the Same Game Parlay odds updated every time you add a pick. Once you have added all of your selections, enter the amount you wish to wager and hit ‘place bet’. And that’s it, you’re on!

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