NCAAF College Football Week 7: Opening Lines and First Impressions

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The NCAAF college football season has seen six weeks of exhilarating action, offering fans a blend of enthralling matchups and captivating upsets, all while maintaining the presence of perennial powerhouses at the top of the rankings.

Now, it’s time to shift our focus to Week 7. The slate is brimming with excitement from start to finish, featuring marquee clashes in the Pac-12, as well as ranked matchups in the ACC, SEC, and a nonconference showdown between USC and Notre Dame. The opening lines were recently unveiled at most sportsbooks, and we’re here to provide our initial impressions.

NCAAF College Football Week 7 Opening Lines and Odds

(Odds available at KasinoBets.com Sportsbook at the time of publishing.)

  1. Tulane -3 (-110) vs. Memphis – Friday, October 13
  2. Fresno State -7 (-110) vs. Utah State – Friday, October 13
  3. Stanford +12.5 (-110) vs. Colorado – Friday, October 13
  4. Florida +2.5 (-110) vs. South Carolina – Saturday, October 14
  5. Missouri +2.5 (-110) vs. Kentucky – Saturday, October 14
  6. Arkansas +19 (-110) vs. Alabama – Saturday, October 14
  7. Georgia -32.5 (-110) vs. Vanderbilt – Saturday, October 14
  8. Ohio State -20.5 (-110) vs. Purdue – Saturday, October 14
  9. Iowa State +4 (-110) vs. Cincinnati – Saturday, October 14
  10. Indiana +34 (-110) vs. Michigan – Saturday, October 14
  11. Oregon +3 (-110) vs. Washington – Saturday, October 14
  12. Texas A&M +4 (-110) vs. Tennessee – Saturday, October 14
  13. Auburn +13 (-110) vs. LSU – Saturday, October 14
  14. Kansas -4 (-110) vs. Oklahoma State – Saturday, October 14
  15. Iowa +10 (-110) vs. Wisconsin – Saturday, October 14
  16. USC +2.5 (-110) vs. Notre Dame – Saturday, October 14
  17. Kansas State +1 (-110) vs. Texas Tech – Saturday, October 14
  18. Louisville -8.5 (-110) vs. Pittsburgh – Saturday, October 14
  19. UCLA +4.5 (-110) vs. Oregon State – Saturday, October 14
  20. NC State +3.5 (-110) vs. Duke – Saturday, October 14
  21. Arizona +9.5 (-110) vs. Washington State – Saturday, October 14
  22. UMass +42.5 (-110) vs. Penn State – Saturday, October 14
  23. Illinois +14 (-110) vs. Maryland – Saturday, October 14

Football Pick: Washington Huskies -3 over Oregon Ducks (-110)

In what promises to be the most monumental game of the week, boasting substantial College Football Playoff implications, the Washington Huskies will welcome the Oregon Ducks for a blockbuster clash of the Pac-12’s finest in Seattle. Both teams exhibit offensive excellence, ranking among the nation’s leaders in yards gained and points per quality possession. Notably, Michael Penix Jr. and the Huskies’ offense have demonstrated their ability to dismantle the Oregon defense through the air, securing a thrilling victory in Autzen Stadium last year. When factoring in home-field advantage, I find Washington marginally superior to Oregon on neutral ground, making the 3-point spread seem reasonable. Let’s hope this matchup lives up to its billing.

Football Pick: Iowa Hawkeyes +10 vs. Wisconsin Badgers (-110)

The most significant showdown in the Big Ten West so far this season features two teams that don’t particularly ignite fireworks on the offensive front. Iowa has earned a reputation for its lackluster offense, often relying on its special teams and defense to clinch victories. Fortunately for the Hawkeyes, this bout against Wisconsin isn’t expected to yield substantial offensive fireworks from either side. The Badgers have adopted a pass-heavy offensive strategy, yet navigating the experienced Iowa secondary proves challenging. In fact, Wisconsin has found more success when committing to a consistent running game this season. Given the continually dwindling total at 37.5 points, it’s hard to ignore the allure of grabbing double digits with the underdog here.

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