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Welcome to USA Best Bet for our Week 7 guide of the NFL 2023/24 season, where our expert handicappers have dedicated themselves to providing you with the best bet picks, analyzis and predictions for NFL football. We’ve meticulously researched every aspect of the upcoming games, from moneyline, to props, ATS spreads and totals, to offer you the information you need for successful betting on NFL games this week. This is your best bet comprehensive resource for making the most of your NFL weekend. For detailed picks and predictions on each game in Week 7, feel free to explore our in-depth NFL prediction page.

NFL Week 7 Highlights:

1. Expert NFL Picks and Predictions:

  • NFL Picks Against the Spread and Total for Every Week 7 Game
  • NFL Best Bets
  • NFL Parlays

2. Expert Analysis and Predictions for Key NFL Games:

  • Lions vs. Ravens Predictions
  • Bills vs. Patriots Predictions
  • Falcons vs. Buccaneers Predictions
  • Steelers vs. Rams Predictions
  • Dolphins vs. Eagles Predictions
  • 49ers vs. Vikings Predictions

3. NFL Expert Betting Picks and Predictions:

  • USA Best Bet Experts’ Best Bets

4. NFL Picks and Parlay and Special Plays:

  • NFL Week 7 Mega Parlay (+1211 Odds!)
  • The People’s Parlay – Your Picks Combined for +2219 Odds!
  • Millionaire Maker 14-Team Parlay

5. Best Teaser NFL Bets for Week 7

6. NFL Player and Team Prop Bets for the Week

7. NFL Best Bets: Expert Predictions:

  • Rams Rampage Past Steelers

Let’s delve into the top expert NFL bets for Week 7:

Detroit Lions +3 over Baltimore Ravens (-110):

  • The Lions have built momentum and have been performing impressively, including a dominant win over the Buccaneers.
  • The Ravens, while talented, have been going through some growing pains this season, with some injuries affecting their performance.
  • The situational advantage of the Ravens is somewhat overstated, making the Lions an appealing bet.

Denver Broncos +1.5 over Green Bay Packers (-110):

  • The Packers have been struggling with offensive challenges and are facing the Broncos’ strong defense.
  • Veteran quarterback Russell Wilson is leading the Broncos, providing a stable passing game.
  • The lack of experience on the Packers’ side could favor the Broncos in this matchup.

LA Rams -3 over Pittsburgh Steelers (-115):

  • The Rams have been highly competitive in their games this season, with close losses to strong teams.
  • The Steelers, despite a recent win over the Ravens, have struggled against top offenses and possess a fragile offense.
  • Matthew Stafford and the Rams are expected to secure a win by a field goal or more.

San Francisco 49ers -7 over Minnesota Vikings (-105):

  • The Vikings’ injury concerns, especially on defense, present a challenge for them.
  • The 49ers’ solid defense and Primetime Kirk Cousins factor play in their favor.
  • With a disappointing loss behind them and extra days to address injuries, the 49ers are expected to perform well.

NFL Parlay for Week 7 at +1211 Odds:

  • Detroit Lions ML (+130)
  • New York Giants ML (+130)
  • LA Rams -6.5 Alternate Spread (+148)

In this NFL parlay, we have two underdog money line picks and a favorite with an alternate spread, offering a potential payout of over 12/1.

Please read our full betting analysis for other week 7 NFL Parlays including some cracking same game and public betting parlays in this week’s picks.

  • NFL LA Chargers vs Kansas City Chiefs Same Game Parlay +600 odds
  • NFL SNF Miami Dolphins vs Philadelphia Eagles Same Game Parlay +1000 odds
  • The Public Best Bet Parlay: NFL Parlay at +2000 odds: Public’s top tips for Week 7 

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Deciphering Point Spreads

In essence, point spreads are crafted to make contests a 50/50 proposition by equalizing the prospects of both teams. It’s crucial to bear in mind that, even if your chosen team triumphs, you could still lose a point spread or ATS (Against The Spread) bet.

Illustration of Point Spread Betting

In point spread betting, the favored team is designated with a negative (-) point value, while the underdog or challenger receives a positive (+) point value. For the favored team to “cover the spread,” they must win by a greater margin than the sportsbook’s specified spread. Conversely, the underdog must either win the game or avoid losing by a margin larger than that indicated by the spread.

Understanding ATS (Against the Spread)

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NFL Our ATS Selections represent the premier choices curated by our experts on a weekly basis, delivering the finest NFL Against the Spread (ATS) free picks. These selections encompass the entire football season, encompassing bowl games, and culminating with our Super Bowl ATS picks. The best part is that these ATS picks are entirely complimentary, supplying valuable insights and suggestions for sports enthusiasts and bettors alike.

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