NFL Opening Lines and Odds for Week 1, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas

The release of the NFL schedule has generated excitement for the upcoming season. With Week 1, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas games announced, it’s time to analyze the opening lines and odds for these matchups. Let’s take a closer look:

Week 1 NFL Schedule and Opening Betting Lines

Thursday, September 7 – NFL

Detroit Lions (+6.5) vs Kansas City Chiefs (-6.5), 8:20 pm ET on NBC

Sunday, September 10 – NFL

Carolina Panthers (+2.5) vs Atlanta Falcons (-2.5)
Houston Texans (+9) vs Baltimore Ravens (-9)
Cincinnati Bengals (-2.5) vs Cleveland Browns (+2.5)
Jacksonville Jaguars (-3.5) vs Indianapolis Colts (+3.5)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+7) vs Minnesota Vikings (-7)
Tennessee Titans (+3.5) vs New Orleans Saints (-3.5)
San Francisco 49ers (-3) vs Pittsburgh Steelers (+3)
Arizona Cardinals (+4.5) vs Washington Commanders (-4.5)
Green Bay Packers (+2) vs Chicago Bears (-2)
Las Vegas Raiders (+3.5) vs Denver Broncos (-3.5)
Miami Dolphins (+2.5) vs Los Angeles Chargers (-2.5)
Philadelphia Eagles (-3.5) vs New England Patriots (+3.5)
Los Angeles Rams (+5.5) vs Seattle Seahawks (-5.5)
Dallas Cowboys (-2) vs New York Giants (+2)

Monday, September 11 – NFL

Buffalo Bills (-1.5) vs New York Jets (+1.5), 8:15 pm ET on ESPN

The Chiefs at less than a touchdown against the Lions seems like a good early bet. The Bills giving only 1.5 points to the Jets is another favorable option. The Bears are also expected to cover a small spread (-2) against the Panthers. Additionally, the Falcons (-2.5) at home against the Panthers offer value.

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas Games

Thanksgiving (Thursday, November 23) – NFL

Green Bay Packers (+4) vs Detroit Lions (-4), 12:30 pm ET on FOX
Washington Commanders (+5.5) vs Dallas Cowboys (-5.5), 4:30 pm ET on CBS
San Francisco 49ers (-1.5) vs Seattle Seahawks (+1.5), 8:20 pm ET on NBC

Black Friday (Friday, November 24) – NFL

Miami Dolphins (+2.5) vs New York Jets (-2.5), 3:00 pm ET on Amazon Prime

Christmas (Monday, December 25) – NFL

Las Vegas Raiders (+8.5) vs Kansas City Chiefs (-8.5), 1:00 pm ET on CBS
New York Giants (+7) vs Philadelphia Eagles (-7), 4:30 pm ET on FOX
Baltimore Ravens (+3) vs San Francisco 49ers (-3), 8:15 pm ET on ABC

Among these games, the San Francisco 49ers (-3) at home against the Baltimore Ravens on Christmas Day stands out. The 49ers, being the superior team with home-field advantage, offer a strong play.

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