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Best Bet NHL Hockey Picks by experts today

Get ready for some great NHL Hockey action with today’s USA Best Bet Edition: NHL Free Picks & Parlays For 03-06-2023! Our experts have analyzed the scheduled games for March 6th, 2023. And also provided their best bets and parlay analysis for each game. The article includes the latest team news, statistics, form, and trends to help you make an informed decision when placing your bets. Note that USA Best Bet also more picks that are only for members. Join messenger to gain season long access to additional NHL picks and best bet selections on our Predictions Page.

USA Best Bet Premium NHL Free Picks and Our Best Bets that Knocks Out The Competition

Today’s Free NHL Pick is; Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Philadelphia Flyers on 03-06-2023. 

The Tampa Bay Lightning are poised to bounce back from a five-game losing streak. As they take on the third-worst team in the Eastern Conference. With top point-scorer Travis Konecny out of commission for a few weeks. Now is a prime opportunity for Tampa Bay to cover the puck line with several goals. Especially since they’re the highest-scoring team on home ice this season. Not convinced? Consider that Tampa Bay has won eight out of their last ten meetings against Philly. With their last three victories seeing final scores of 4-1, 7-1, and 4-0 respectively. And with an angry Lightning team returning to their stomping grounds, a convincing victory seems likely. At the time of publication, you can nab the Lightning -1.5 (-120) as your free NHL pick for today’s game!

NHL Free Pick is; Calgary Flames vs. Dallas Stars on 03-06-2023

For today’s NHL matchup on 03-06-2023, the Calgary Flames face off against the Dallas Stars. The Flames present reasonable odds as road underdogs against the Stars. This is despite The Stars having won three straight games prior to this game. While goaltending and lack of scoring may have been some contributing factors to their recent struggles. We believe overall the Flames have a solid record and remain within contention for wild card spot in Western Conference. On the other hand, Dallas sits atop the Central Division. However will face stiffer competition from an evenly matched opponent across both ends of the ice. Ultimately, it is predicted that Flames +110 has a good chance of winning on the road in this matchup.

NHL Mega Parlay Picks for March 6th, 2023,

Looking for some NHL free picks and parlays for today 03-06-2023? Here at our analyst report, we have three picks to share with you. First up, it’s the Edmonton Oilers vs. Buffalo Sabres game. Next, we have the Nashville Predators vs. Vancouver Canucks matchup. And lastly, there’s the Washington Capitals facing off against the Los Angeles Kings. Let’s see who comes out on top! 

Edmonton Oilers v Buffalo Sabres @ 7:37 PM ET – The expert selection for this match up is EDM Oilers -1.5 

USA Best Bet Analyst Predicts: For today’s NHL games, the Edmonton Oilers are set to play the Buffalo Sabres at 7:37 PM ET. According to our expert analyzes and predictions, the Oilers are expected to win with a score of -1.5. The Oilers have one of the highest scoring records in the league. Whilst the Sabres are not far behind in third place. Although Buffalo recently pulled off an upset over Tampa Bay on Saturday. We predict their sub-par defense is likely to be their downfall against Edmonton’s high-powered attack. Given the Pacific Division’s competition, every win is crucial for Edmonton, making tonight’s game even more important for them.

Nashville Predators v Vancouver Canucks @ 10.37 PM ET- NHL Moneyline is the experts Pick – VAN Canucks to Win (Moneyline Bet) 

USA Best Bet Analyst Predicts: This one is for NHL betting enthusiasts. With the Nashville Predators set to go head-to-head with the Vancouver Canucks at 10:37 PM ET. The expert pick for this matchup is a VAN Canucks moneyline win as part of a Mega Parlay Wager. Our analyst notes that the season hasn’t been great for Vancouver thus far. With the team trading away some former players in light of this underperformance. However, they have won three out of their last five games. In comparison the Predators have lost four out of their last six. Based on these recent trends, it seems likely that the Canucks will come out on top for this moneyline bet. VAN for the WIN!

Washington Capitals v Los Angeles Kings @ 10:37 PM ET – Expert Selection: LA Kings -1.5 Puck Line 

USA best Bet Analyst Predicts: Our final NHL free pick selection for today’s parlay on March 6th, 2023 is a beauty. This expert selection is for the Washington Capitals v Los Angeles Kings game happening tonight at 10:37 PM ET. Our analyst predicts the LA Kings -1.5 Puck Line will be the winner of this matchup. While the Kings may not have been as reliable as their standing suggests. They have been performing well lately with a 7-2-1 record in their last 10 games and three consecutive wins. In contrast, the Washington Capitals are struggling with a disappointing 3-7-0 record in their recent games. And seem to be falling out of playoff contention. Although Alex Ovechkin brings excitement to the Capitals’ games, this time around, we expect the Kings to score more points. 

If you like what you see and place a $100 wager on this parlay pick combination. And all three selections go on to win then you can potentially return over $10,000! 

*All odds at time of writing.

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