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What is a Three-Way Bet in NHL Hockey?

A three-way bet is a money line bet where you have the option to bet on win, lose, or draw. Three-way NHL money lines can offer more value (sometimes) since the win and loss odds are longer.

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Finding an ice hockey betting site on your own can be a daunting task because there are hundreds of online sportsbooks, bookies and bookmaker sites and not all of them are legal and many are not worth putting your money. at risk.

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Treat the sportsbook, like a bank or ATM. You would not put your money in a bank you did not trust, did not offer secure online banking. Then why trust an online sportsbook or betting site with your money. Only the best online betting sites, deserve your money. We hold our partners to high account for your benefit.

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Yes, you certainly can. and that is just one of the major benefits of online sports betting. Don’t like crowds? Neither do we, And that’s why we have partnered with the best sportsbooks sites, all 100% verified by our experts, to secure the best FREE bet offers, betting lines, odds to go with the best FREE NHL Picks for today.

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With Sports Betting Online and Mobile, Lines and Odds-Shopping is easy

One thing every good sports bettor must learn how to do is price shop for the best NHL lines and odds. Compare odds from more than one sportsbook to find the most valuable ones, the overlooked ones and ensure the odds are on your side as much as possible.

It is near impossible to price shop at a brick and mortar sportsbook or casino. You would have to go from one bookmaker to the next, travel etc… I am already tired and I have not left the keyboard yet. By the time you reach the second or third sportsbook, if you are keen – the odds have almost certainly changed at the ones you just left. Making it impossible to compare and you may have missed the best odds opportunity.

Mobile Sports Betting Makes Comparing Spreads, Betting Lines, and Odds Even Simpler

However, online sports betting – is another matter. Price shopping is easy online or from your mobile. For example, while writing this, the Best Bet team opened an of couple sportsbooks and compared the lines for the NHL All-Star Game. We found a discrepancy right away which is perfect for our NHL Online Betting Site;

Betting Site ABetting Site B
Pacific Division -110Pacific Division -105
Central Division -110Central Division -105
USA Best Bet – NHL FREE Picks by Experts – 100% FREE

OK, this may be a small difference, but believe me, it all adds up and margins count in sports betting.

Sports Betting Lines, Odd Margins Matter

The more money you bet and the more bets you make, the more the margin counts and that little difference compounds. It can only take maybe a few minutes to check 2-3 sites, find the best NHL bet lines, ATS and odds. That extra money you’re saving is real cash and you’re making that extra money for just a couple more minutes of your work time. I think it’s worthwhile to find the best prices, do you?

We think so, and it is easy to do when you bet on NHL hockey online – of course, it is even easier if you choose to follow our experts’ picks and sit back and reap the rewards!

Find a Larger Variety of Hockey Bets Online

Another struggle you’ll experience betting offline is the variety of sports wagers you have to choose from, it can be limited. There isn’t a single sportsbook or casino that we know of that offers every single hockey bet or even most NHL bets you can make. Whilst this is also true for online and mobile betting sites, there’s one clear advantage they offer far more wagers to suit your betting needs. And when you’re betting on NHL hockey online you can join multiple sports betting sites, have them all open simultaneously on your phone or desktop. Checking the NHL Picks, Against the Spread Predictions and Parlay options whilst comparing betting lines, and odds, in real-time.

Get the Best US Sports Book Online Betting Sites

The more betting accounts you have, (within reason) can provide the larger variety of NHL hockey bets for you have to consider. However, I would limit it to three, that is plenty if you follow our US Best Bet sportsbook site betting guide. We can set you up with the 3 best sports betting sites in your state and even get you the best bonus FREE BET offers today.

Of course, NHL Picks is also 100% FREE from the Best Bet experts!

This includes making hockey bets like money lines, futures, over/under, Against the Spread, parlays and props, on games from North American leagues like the NHL, ECHL, and the NAHL. You can even bet on the Olympic ice hockey games if you fancy later in the year (2021) and when that comes around every four years after that. There are so many hockey betting opportunities to choose from, and free picks to match you won’t know where to start first – but always a great place to start is with our experts NHL FREE picks, ATS and parlays. After that seriously consider joining USA Best Bet member program for FREE. And never miss another winning bet.

More Featured NHL Hockey Betting FAQ

You have wagering questions and our NHL Expert Pick analysts have the answers to get you the best online betting in USA Today

How does the spread work for NHL hockey betting?

When you bet the spread, your team must either win or lose by so many goals within the score margin. NHL Hockey is a low scoring game so it is more difficult to predict ATS winners than NFL or NBA picks.

For example, if the Oilers are +1.5, they need to win by any score or lose by less than 2 goals. Or if the Toronto Maple Leafs are -1.5, they need to win by 2 goals or more for the hockey wager to pay off.

Do you offer against the spread picks for NHL hockey betting?

Indeed, we do being one of the most popular on this betting pick site. Our experts love against the spread, with free picks for betting on NHL hockey. It is harder but the payouts are good. ATS picks and parlay in betting are probably the two favored bets of the best bet experts and members on this site. Due to the opportunity and desire to win bigger amounts from these two types of bets.

What NHL Picks and Parlays?

USA Best Bet site has experts who specialise in analyzing hockey games and then predicting the outcome with our Free NHL Picks. We also love NHL Against the spread Picks and Parlays. An NHL parlay pick is a wager in which you combine multiple selections from the same game, different game or even different sport. You need all of these to win for you to cash your parlay bet. While NHL parlay picks can be riskier than NFL, NBA due to the lower scores, closer results. It can also be far more exciting and pay well. Our experts often have the NHL same game and multi-game Parlay Picks with generally an NHL leg featuring in at least 1 or two Mega Multi-Sport Parlays. We often release these on a Friday to enjoy betting on sports not just for the day but all weekend.

NHL Picks and ParlaysProven record to deliver more WINS.

Does overtime count in NHL Hockey betting?

Yes, absolutely, because ALL goals scored in the game, including shootouts and overtime count towards the final total score. So, this will affect all wagers on any side, totals, over/under, NHL against the spread, parlays and other bets you may place.

Can an NHL Hockey game end in a draw?

This depends on the league. Many leagues do NOT end in ties. The NHL have overtimes and shootouts if either team fails to score during regulation.

Can I get the Best Hockey Betting Websites?

Yes, we only recommend and partner with only the very best and legal hockey gambling sites in the USA. Our in-depth reviews are based on bookie platform, player feedbacks, legal, types of bet on sports offerings, options for mobile betting, online wagering, fairness, best odds, best bonuses, free bet offers and payouts. Want to know which sportsbooks make the list?

Open Messenger and we will match your betting with the best sportsbook for your region.

However, there is no point in winning if they do not pay you back quickly. This hinders your next bet opportunity. The best betting sites in the USA for hockey, also have the best coverage of leagues and tournaments, with a variety of betting options, fairest practices, odds, lines, and more. Our large member base, means we get great bookie free bet offers for our community. This is just one other profitable benefit for becoming a member. Not an NHL Best Bet member yet? Join Today.

Can I join more than one ice hockey betting site?

Yes, and we recommend two to three best legal betting sportsbook sites. The benefits to joining more than one of the best hockey betting sites is many; from best comparative odds to bonuses, FREE BET and because of things happen.

For instance, with more books, you access more options, types of bets, markets, but also covered for the unexpected as there are technical issues across books from time to time etc. With more bonus promos to choose from as well, it really is a no brainer. Multiple accounts even allow for arbitrage opportunity. More on that later… but now you should get started with the best NHL hockey betting site offer – which is free to members joining today.

What’s the Best way to Bet on NHL Hockey?

There are different strategies and there is more than one way to get the best bets on NHL today. However, like everything it depends on you. Your experience, passion, risk appetite, and expertise in NHL betting.

One quick betting trick, our experts’ favor (along with a long checklist) is to bet on the nhl team with a great goalie. In a low scoring event, top goalies on a HOT streak give the rest of the players’ confidence to take on the game, create more chances to score themselves since they don’t have to worry about defending the net as much.

That’s one pretty good winning tip, but to be successful you need far more than that. Get our daily FREE picks and how to bet on NHL tips in the Best Bet Today blog for more great wagering picks, NHL Against the spread picks, Moneyline, Over Under Totals and Parlay selections.

Can you make money betting on ice hockey online?

Yes. People can and do make money betting on US Sports and ice hockey all the time. However, only you know whether you can make money betting on hockey using your own skills, budget and knowledge. It takes a lot of time, effort and research to profitably bet on any sport to win consistently. Have you got a winning hockey wagering strategy? Do you know enough about the NHL and Ice Hockey to bet and win?

If not, or you are not sure! Then I have great news for you…. You do not need to an expert to win more bets on sport! I know I said you do, however, we have a team of expert analysts. A proven winning strategy and computer pick models to support this. Our NHL Best Bets for today, FREE Picks, ATS and Parlays from the experts will help you to win more and win bigger than when wagering alone.

Get Expert FREE NHL Picks and Parlays, to Against the Spread Picks – Claim Yours.

The National Hockey League (NHL)

The National Hockey League (NHL) reigns supreme in the world of ice hockey. Hockey, like the other big four US Sports, is the premier ice hockey league in the world in North American and the world. The NHL has the biggest teams, the world’s best players and usually the best bets for today.

Young ice hockey players from all over the world dream of hitting the ice in the NHL one day. The MLB is to Baseball, as the NBA is to basketball, the NFL is to football and the NHL is to ice hockey. These big four dominate their respective sports, NHL is the only one that started out Canadian though.

The NHL started modestly with just four teams in 1917 Canada. However, the league quickly began expansion and by the mid-1920s, had expanded to the USA with the addition of the Boston Bruins to the major league roster. Growth inevitably continued into an impressive 30 team competition across Nth America. The last team that was added in 2017 being Vegas Golden Knights.

However there are some other leagues enjoying popularity around the world, especially in Canada and Europe, however, it is nothing in comparison to the NHL. When it comes to sports betting, the level offered on NHL games and the season stands head and shoulders above the rest of the hockey world.

The Winter Olympics is also special for Hockey, with big rivalries between the USA, and Canada and the top talent representing their country every four years. The best sportsbooks also offer odds, lines and wager opportunities on the Olympics.

Why the NHL is important for Hockey Bettors

As the NHL is the worlds premier ice hockey league, it’s not surprising that it is also the best for money lines, odds, wagering options and betting action. While sportsbook sites online occasionally offer action on smaller ice hockey leagues, especially local books for local tournaments, more NHL wagering options and bet types for punters. If you’re someone who looks to wager on ice hockey.

The NHL Hockey League is your best betting option and our experts we can get you partnered with the best sports betting sites online and the best bets and free picks. 100% FREE online.

Our experts have dedicated the time and extensive research to develop profitable strategies, especially with NHL Moneyline, against the spread picks and parlay bets. There is plenty of wagering games and types of bets with winning opportunity on offer, as the NHL continues to show signs of growth.

What is the Best NHL Bet & FREE Sports Pick Today?







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  • Learn how to use FREE picks and FREE Bets to win more when betting on sport.