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NHL Picks Free 04-09-2023: Best Picks and Parlay

Free NHL hockey 100% free expert predictions for today in USA
Get USA Best Bet – free NHL Picks and Parlay by Experts

It was a big weekend in NHL hockey, and we love that! But we love it more when our experts pick a massive parlay and the bet cashes! Saturday NHL Hockey Parlay bet landed a nice one +1085 Parlay Odds thanks to . On top of that the Pickswise NHL team went 14-5 overall on picks. Here are our USA Best Bet experts, free Picks and Parlay for the NHL Same Game Parlay for the Boston Bruins v Philadelphia Flyers on 04-09-2023.

The game will be aired on TNT at 6:00 pm ET. With the Bruins looking to break the NHL record for most wins in a season, our experts free Same Game Parlay celebrates this historic occasion on 04-09-2023.

  • First Free NHL Parlay Picks Puck Line ATS: Bruins -1.5 (-105)
  • Second Free NHL Parlay Picks Prop Bet: David Pastrnak anytime goalscorer (-135)
  • Third Free NHL Parlay Picks: Totals Over 6.5 (+100)

Expert NHL Single Game Parlay Pick Odds: +360

We also offer other picks and parlays for today’s action. Our best bet NHL parlay is the Boston Bruins, as they have already won both games against the Flyers this season and have elite goalies. Meanwhile, the Flyers have been weak and unreliable this season, which makes this game a major mismatch.

USA Best Bet Experts Free Picks and Parlays for Today by professionals.

First Free NHL Parlay Picks Puck Line ATS: Boston Bruins -1.5 (-105)

With only three games left to break the NHL record for most wins in a single season, the Bruins are currently the most dominant team in the league, while the Flyers have been the 2nd-worst team in the Metro Division for most of the season.

Therefore, our Expert NHL pick is for another dominant win for the Bruins, who have already beaten the Flyers by 4-1 and 6-0 this NHL season.

Second Free NHL Parlay Picks Prop Bet: David Pastrnak Anytime Goalscorer (-135)

David Pastrnak has been a key player for the Bruins this season, and with his 57 goals, he is second only to Connor McDavid for the league lead. We predict that Pastrnak will inch closer to the 60-goal milestone, if not complete it tonight.

Expert NHL Pick: David Pastrnak is a goal machine – anytime scorer.

Third Free NHL Parlay Picks: Totals Over 6.5 goals (+100)

Despite Boston’s dominant wins in the previous two matchups, we expect a high-scoring game as both teams are playing on the second night of a back-to-back. The Flyers have allowed 27 goals across their six-game losing streak, so we expect the Bruins to do most of the damage. However, we anticipate a goal or two from Philly.

Expert NHL Picks and Parlay Conclusion.

This is a clear mismatch and the most confident predictions for this historic game. Our experts three free NHL Same Game Parlay best picks for the Boston Bruins v Philadelphia Flyers game on 04-09-2023.

Experts Provide Reliable NHL Best Bet Picks and Parlays for 04-09-2023

Looking for reliable and well-researched NHL betting predictions? Look no further than NHL Best Bet Picks by Experts! Our team of professionals analyzes the latest team news, statistics, form, and trends to provide you with the best possible wagers for NHL games. Access our free NHL picks and Parlay best bets for tonight’s hockey games.

Understanding NHL Against the Spread Betting Picks (ATS)

Expert NHL against the spread picks (ATS) predict the likelihood of a particular team covering the spread or failing to do so in a given NHL game. In this type of betting, a point spread is assigned to each team, with the favorite team giving points and the underdog team receiving points. Betting against the spread is a popular way to level the playing field and make the game more interesting for both teams.

NHL Puck Lines and ATS Betting

ATS, or against the spread, refers to a type of sports betting where a handicap is applied to the favorite team. Puck lines are a specific type of ATS bet used in NHL betting. In a puck line bet, a point spread of 1.5 goals is applied to the underdog, while the favorite team must win by at least two goals to cover the spread.

What is a NHL Parlay Bet Pick?

A NHL parlay bet pick is a type of sports betting where multiple bets are combined into a single wager, with the potential payout increasing with each added bet. In NHL parlays, two or more moneyline, puck line or total bets are combined, and all must win for the bettor to receive a payout. Parlays are popular among NHL bettors as they offer the opportunity for larger payouts than individual bets. However, parlays are also riskier than individual bets, as the bettor must correctly predict multiple outcomes to win.

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NHL Hockey Best Bet Picks for 04-09-2023

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