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Since the early days of gambling over the internet, the industry has evolved at a fast pace. However, it’s still relatively young and the online gambling landscape is constantly shifting. Legislation around the world and in the USA on a state by state basis is changing all the time. As legalization sweeps across the USA some are early adopters are embracing sports betting, online betting and mobile wagering. Whilst in other states, people and betting sites are getting left behind. We are making sure that we are at the forefront of advancement and one of the best betting sites online.

From a sports site perspective, technology is also changing at a rapid pace. And some sportsbook operator sites are moving with and others are dropping off the pace. This time is a constant change from the legal status of sports betting, states, and the best betting sites. It is a changing beast on what seems an almost daily basis the USA these days.

This can make it hard to stay up to date with what’s happening. And in particular, it can be hard for a punter to know which sportsbook sites are the best. Why they are, why others are not and which ones to use or not use. There are many fake reviews. So you can not trust all of them. You need to find an online wagering site that is trustworthy and is here to help you improve your betting.

You can see by our site and all the information contained in it, that we have invested heavily. The staff, expert analysts, writers and digital team are all highly experienced operators in sports, media and betting business.

Our success is built upon your success, and to date, we have helped over 250,000 people bet bettor. Many on a daily basis through one of our global sports betting network sites.


A leading site last year may no longer be the best option available now or next month. So this needs to be a constant evaluation process, which our experts do regularly. We do this because we are bettors, we know what we like, we know what is needed to succeed. And maybe most importantly we know our punters like because they tell us in surveys – who, why, where, when. Much better and more accurate than someone or a “bot” clicking a review/rating button.

USA Best Bet only partner with the best betting sites in the USA

Everything we promote or offer or endorse is accurate, current, and valuable. We only partner with the best betting sites in the USA. Not because of name or reputation but because they are the best, safest, trusted sites. We go in-depth and explain why we recommend only these few sports betting sites only.

We will help you find the site that’s right for you, playing matchmaker based on how you like to bet. Plus, your GEO location and will help you get the most out of your online gambling experience. Oh and some ripper sign up bonuses and loyalty bonuses too!

USABestBet.com is your complete guide to online sports betting in USA

USABestBet.com is your complete online guide to sports betting in the USA. It’s run by a dedicated, passionate and enthusiastic team of sports lovers. Our expert team have a high level of gambling knowledge and experience.

This team is committed to providing our readers with accurate and up-to-date information. To find out more about who we are, what we offer, and our mission, please read on.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple and three fold.

  • First, we aim to help as many people within our Best Bet communities to wager better, aiming to win more.
  • Secondly, we work tirelessly to make iPredict Sports Network of websites including USABestBet.com the best betting resource and online community.
  • And to find the best and most suitable sportsbook site and bonuses to meet your own personal needs.

Combining to make USA BEST BET the go-to place for a bet on sports in the USA. We are already well on our way with this. The site already contains a huge amount of information that covers a wide range of sports betting related topics. We have more information coming and are continuing to grow the site.

What We Offer

What we offer is a very simple to understand, well-designed, easy-to-navigate sports betting online website. That gives our readers the information needed to know where, what, when and how to get the best online wagering.

We recommend only the best sports wagering sites, rated and reviewed on a state by state basis. Making it easy to find the most legally suitable option. We also provide detailed and accurate “non-biased – non paid for” reviews of these online betting sites. So readers and members can trust the verified information, easily comparing exactly what the different sportsbook sites have to offer.

In addition to our recommendations and reviews, we have written a number of articles regarding all forms of gambling. These articles are full of exciting information, valuable advice, and useful strategy.

About The Editor

The founder and editor of usabestbet.com is Ricky Jackson. With a dedicated and experienced expert co-founding team of analysts, writers, research and web publishing. All the expert team have an in-depth knowledge of everything sports betting online. Ricky has founded, managed and grown many successful sports businesses; Covering all aspects of sports on the international stage with online, digital, mobile and offline physical businesses.

Biggest Media and Sportsbook Partnerships

During this career, he has worked directly with all of the biggest US sports; NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, FIFA for Worldwide Football (Soccer) and IOC for Olympic Games.

Also partnered with the biggest US media players, enjoying success with News Corp, CanWest, ESPN, and many other Media titans. This included winning four International News Marketing Awards. For the best worldwide media promotion by a news organisation with a News Corp sports media partnership.

Pioneered Digital Fantasy Sports Online.

A pioneer for digitising Fantasy Sports. Taking the first known case of Fantasy Sports being run online with a The Telegraph newspaper in the UK. When his previous company was the exclusive Marketing company for News Corp globally for Sport.

Team success in Digital Fantasy Sports has continued and includes; developing the hugely successful ESPN Daily Fantasy Sports competitions and prediction games for Soccer / World Cup, Premier League and UEFA. Attracting over 4m players in a single soccer season.

Sports Licensing and Management

This 30-year sports media marketing experience started as a professional athlete in Australia. This has included working for six years in the United Kingdom, another 6 in Asia and having a highly successful North American sports media marketing company. Where previously had taken three businesses from a local start-up to a global scale with successful international exits.

This expertise, knowledge and networks gathered have set the foundations for this exciting venture. A true passion of combined expertise – sports + media + wagering.

30 years of expertise across North America, the United Kingdom/Europe, Asia and Australia.

Being able to combine all my passions, with a team made up of a long time, experienced network of friends, associates and even family. We aim to provide a valuable resource and service to fellow sports lovers and gamblers. The online gambling industry is an incredibly exciting one and it will be interesting to see how it continues to develop.

We have assembled a fabulously talented and enthusiastic group. Here and it feels great to be part of such a motivated and passionate team. We are determined to achieve our goal of being the most comprehensive resource for how to bet on sports site in the USA.

Our commitment and goal are to be the best comprehensive and trusted betting resource.

It is still early days in America, both for USA Best Bet site and the sports betting industry in general. As it is rapidly expanding across the USA. We will be constantly updating, growing and improving the site to fit the market, legislation and member needs.

We hope that you enjoy, our expert opinion, and tips. Finding this site helpful for you to achieve your own USA betting goals. The Best Bet team works incredibly hard to keep everything up to date. Researching the best sports picks, identify best bets and deliver this on a daily basis. So we win more sports bets online and together. Our ultimate reward is that we help you bet better, providing the best sportsbook partner sites experience, deals, bonus offers.

We will continue to add more useful content and do everything we can to deliver our mission for the best possible online betting sites. We would love to have you as part of the fastest-growing sports betting community. And also encourage you to get in touch, if you have any suggestions for additions or improvements.”

The Team

In addition to our founding team and editor, there are a number of highly experienced analyst, writers, data professionals and tech guys that contribute to USABestBet.com.

We are delighted to have a team with such a high level of skill. A diverse age, expertise in a range of sports, media, and gambling-related knowledge.

A highly skilled team to deliver you a balanced expert view

This makes it much easier for us to cover a broad range of online sports, betting and other relevant topics. Providing you with the best sports betting site and information available online in the USA today. It also means we can provide an expert balanced view. When it comes to using, analyzing, reviewing and rating gambling sites. Instead of one or two-person opinion.

We will soon be adding more details and profiles about each star member of our USA BEST BET team here. So please bookmark, and check back to find out more about our team which is your team.

You can contact the editorial team on [email protected]

Happy Punting,

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