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USA Best Bets: NFL Parlays Is Your Path to Big Wins!

Today's NFL expert best bets and free picks for today

Get ready for the USA Best Bets excitement on our top NFL parlays for every week of the 2023 / 2024 season. Our betting analyst experts will combined their NFL Best Bet picks to create the best NFL parlays for each week of the NFL season. Along with that, discover our famous NFL same game parlays, featuring our top NFL Picks and NFL Prop Bets for each game throughout the season, including the Super Bowl Parlay. And to add to the thrill, use our Parlay Calculator to calculate potential winnings and odds for any NFL parlay bet. Let’s bet better together this NFL season.

Understanding NFL Parlays

An NFL parlay is a bet where you combine multiple selections into a single wager. To win an NFL parlay, all the selections or bets must be successful. The more selections you add to your parlay, the higher the odds can become. To calculate the odds of a parlay, you simply multiply the odds of the individual selections. Feel free to use our Parlay Calculator to handle all the math for you.

Money lines, spreads, and totals are commonly used markets in NFL parlays. With greater odds, NFL parlay bets allow you to wager less and potentially win more. A three-team parlay on typical spreads and totals markets usually pays around 6/1 (+600), while a four-team parlay pays around 12/1 (+1200).

Tips for Winning NFL Parlays

NFL parlays, while popular, can be lucrative yet challenging due to the NFL’s parity and unpredictability. Here are three quick tips to better your chances of long-term success with your NFL Parlays:

  1. Stick to 2, 3, or 4 Team Parlays: Limiting your parlay to this range is generally more profitable in the long run compared to adding many selections.
  2. Shop Around for Odds: Different online sportsbooks offer varying odds, spreads, and price boosts. By shopping around, you can find the best variations that suit your strategy.
  3. Manage Your Bankroll: Staying disciplined with your bankroll is key to long-term success, as not all parlays will win. Consistent stakes with odds around 6/1 mean you only need to win 1 in 7 parlays to break even, anything more is profit.

How to Bet on NFL Picks and Parlays

Betting on NFL picks and parlays is a simple process with any online sportsbook. Add multiple selections to your bet slip and click the parlay option before placing your wager. As NFL parlays are popular, sportsbooks pay considerable attention to these markets, providing opportunities to find the best odds, spreads, and price boosts.

Teaser NFL Picks and NFL Parlays

To avoid the frustration of narrowly losing an against the spread bet, consider teaser NFL picks. Teasers allow you to adjust the spread in your favor for multiple games, offering similar odds to a single-game bet. Teasers can involve 2, 3, 4, 5, or more teams.

What Is a Same Game NFL Parlay?

A Same Game Parlay works like a regular parlay, but all selections come from prop bets within one specific match. By combining multiple selections, you can aim for a bigger win as the odds increase with each selection. Correlated props are often used in Same Game Parlays, providing the potential for huge payouts.

How to Bet on a Same Game NFL Parlay

FanDuel Sportsbook, BetMGM, and PointsBet offer Same Game Parlays for every NFL game each week. To bet on the same game parlay, select the NFL tab on your chosen sportsbook and click on the desired match. Look for the Same Game Parlay tab, select the prop bets or spreads you want to combine, and add them to your bet slip. Enter your wager amount and place your bet.

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